Drs. Tina Nichols and Samaria Mascagni Arkansas Family Dental

Arkansas Family Dental

Dr. Tina Nichols

A location was chosen about one-half mile away from the existing office. It would better provide the opportunity for continuous growth and enhanced services to more fully meet the Doctors’ vision of the ideal dental practice.

The process began by contacting Henry Schein Dental. A rough draft of the new floor plan was created and then a tour of the Pelton & Crane factory and showroom was set up to view the many upgrades that were available in operatory equipment.

The design impact of the new building harmonized perfectly with its natural setting. The interior design specifically creates a separation of patient care, staff, and clinical areas to streamline activities and aid in accelerating productivity. The airy and colorful entry space infuses energy and vitality to the reception and waiting areas. Every operatory has a window that looks out on the surrounding forest and lush landscaping. Inside the operatories, the patient has multiple options to enjoy the pleasures of electronic entertainment.

“We have complete control of the final restoration. Patients are very impressed and happy with the results and the convenience that the process offers. There are so many positive aspects to working with the E4D—it’s a real practice-builder.”

Left to right: Ron Kettles, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Tina Nichols; Dr. Samaria Mascagni; Scott Fritz, Field Sales Consultant; Kevin Halter, Equipment Service Technician

Arkansas Family Dental encompasses the best of all possible worlds in its design and functionality—and the office has great street appeal. Doctors Nichols and Mascagni can now comfortably accommodate their busy practice schedule and look forward to a successful future treating their patients with the latest in industry-leading technologies.

Arkansas Family Dental 2011 Technology Makes the Difference

In today’s dental industry, it is well known that a techno-revolution has taken hold. Doctors can now offer a greater variety of treatment options through the use of evolved, innovative equipment solutions that expand their ability to create new revenue streams and stay competitive in the marketplace.


Since its completion, Arkansas Family Dental has provided its patients with high-quality care and the benefits of superior technology that create the optimal treatment experience The amazingly transformed workplace houses 11 operatories in a 6000-sq.-ft. area, allowing Doctors Nichols and Mascagni to confidently meet the demands of their busy workdays. To better serve their patient base, they have invested in one of today’s most dynamic technologies, the E4D Dentist.

The E4D Dentist CAD/CAM chairside system has been designed and manufactured in the United States and also offers supportive training for its owners. Distributed exclusively by Henry Schein Dental, the E4D makes it possible for the dentist to create metal-free crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers on-site. Beautiful restorations can be completed in the same day. “The E4D has shown to have the greatest ROI and has continuously increased my revenue stream,” notes Dr. Nichols. “We have complete control of the final restoration. Patients are very impressed and happy with the results and the convenience that the process offers. There are so many positive aspects to working with the E4D—
it’s a real practice-builder.”

Arkansas Dental started out in a strip mall environment with limited square footage and only five operatories. Today, they enjoy a seamless clinical area with multiple operatories, a sterilization center, an on-premises lab space, an impressive array of technological upgrades, and sufficient space to plan for growth. “Everyone comments on how amazing the new office is…and how nice it is to be a patient at our facility,” comments Dr. Mascagni. “Arkansas Family Dental is such a pleasant space to come to work every day!”

Featured Equipment:

Dentrix Practice Management Software
E4D Dentist
KaVo Quattrocare
Pelton & Crane Delta Q
Pelton & Crane Light Fantastic
Pelton & Crane 3000 Chair
Pelton & Crane Cabinetry
Pelton & Crane Delivery System
Pelton & Crane Sterilization Center
SciCan Statim 2000