Dr. Roger Anderson - Denver, Colorado

Dr. Anderson's practice serves more than 6,000 patients with a mission to provide exceptional patient care. With three doctors and $1.3 million in annual revenue, his recipe for success-real people treating real patients-is proving true. A major factor in Dr. Anderson's unique brand of patient care is the use of technology to increase a patient's level of comfort, education, and acceptance of recommended procedures.

"Until 1990 our practice was using a Xenix-based management software hooked up to dumb terminals," said Dr. Anderson. "I'm sure at one time it was the cutting edge of technology but as the software was rarely updated by the vendor, and the rest of the world was moving to GUI interfaces, I decided that it was time for a change-and boy am I glad I did!"

Dr. Anderson did extensive research into PC-based software designed with dental practices in mind. Looking for a graphical user interface, networking, and off-the-shelf computers, he was drawn to systems on the PC and Macintosh platforms.

"I looked at everything that was out there and it became very clear that DENTRIX was the best there was," said Dr, Anderson. "They were the leader in 1990 and have stayed there. DENTRIX does everything: appointments, insurance claims, billing, and administration. I immediately bought DENTRIX-in fact I was the second or third user in Colorado-and have been very happy with my decision ever since."

With a GUI interface being a primary requirement, the fact that DENTRIX is the first practice and clinical management system designed from the ground up to run in the Windows platform was a major factor in Dr. Anderson's decision. In fact, DENTRIX was one of the first products in any industry to be available in Windows-years ahead of any other practice management system. DENTRIX has more satisfied users-more than 18,000 practices-on a single, proven system than any other solution.

"From the start it seemed like every week we would find another amazing capability of DENTRIX," said Dr. Anderson. "The features were always there, it just took us growing into the system. For example, we didn't use the appointment book for the first three or four years, but when we finally did we kicked ourselves for not doing it sooner. It is awesome. Anyone from anywhere in the office can book an appointment. That is one of the single best features and we didn't even know it until we tried it out."

In addition to its powerful practice management capabilities (or front office functionality), DENTRIX also offers Dr. Anderson equally powerful clinical capabilities. Its seamless integration with intraoral cameras, digital X-ray, and other services such as eClaims and website access to information make it the perfect backbone to any practice focused on superior patient care.

"DENTRIX's chair-side charting is an incredible time saver," said Dr. Anderson. "It's efficient for the practice and impressive to the patient. We also use DENTRIX Image with the ImageCam intraoral camera. Actually being able to show the patient what you see is an invaluable tool for building patient confidence. When the patient sees it they make their own case for the work and don't have to take my word for it. Soon we will integrate an X-ray scanner with DENTRIX to give even more power to the clinical side."

With DENTRIX, all information from appointments and billing to digital X-rays and charts all share the same database. The end result is immediate access to any information regardless of whether the patient is in the operatory, walking out the door, or waiting to be seen.

"With DENTRIX all the information I need is right at my fingertips," said Dr Anderson. "There's no more hand-entry on paper. I do the work with less motion, less copying, and eliminate the paper chase altogether. DENTRIX moves everything we do into a more efficient use of our time-it makes us money and saves us money."

"One area where DENTRIX really shines is eClaims," Dr. Anderson continued. "There is no better way to do insurance than with eClaims for DENTRIX. Dentistry is a cash-flow business and eClaims is the number-one way to increase cash flow. By decreasing the turnaround for claim payment through error-free and quick claim submission we get paid quicker with far fewer disputed claims resulting in more cash in the business."

Dentrix boasts an industry-leading 94-percent customer satisfaction rate. The dental industry's leading independent research firm asked dentists nationwide if they would choose to purchase their current practice management systems again if given the chance. Ninety-four percent of DENTRIX users confirmed their confidence in the system, prompting the research organization to label DENTRIX users as "unusually satisfied". Dentrix customer support also leads the industry with calls being answered in an average of less than one minute and resolution in less than eight minutes.

"Since we first installed DENTRIX in 1990, we've received regular software updates as part of our support plan," said Dr. Anderson. "The new releases always work great and add powerful new capabilities that increase the software's value even more. With DENTRIX I would say that my staff and I work 20-30 percent more efficiently. DENTRIX is an excellent product with excellent support. I don't know why anyone would choose any other product. No other software compares to DENTRIX-I recommend it heartily."