Dr. Robert Cherry, State-of-the-Art...That's Straight from the Heart

He continued serving his patients until a family emergency necessitated relocation to Tamarac, Florida. He also revised his professional activities to enable the family to support his youngest daughter through a protracted illness. While in Tamarac, his daughter passed away, closing a very difficult chapter for his family.

A few years afterward, Dr. Cherry felt the need to refocus his professional energies, and began considering a new office where he could attend to his patients in a manner that was closer to his philosophy of healthcare and also include expanded treatments for facial orthopedics in the practice’s venue. “A dream I have always had is...a state-of-the-art facility where patients can be treated as family in a warm and caring environment,” comments Dr. Cherry.

He and his staff agreed that they wanted a new office where coming to the dentist would be a pleasant experience and patients would be comfortable and stress-free. Equipment Sales Specialist, Jim Weber and Dr. Cherry partnered to consider various plans for creating the ideal practice environment. Jim and the Doctor had worked successfully on previous projects and rapport was excellent between them—easing the way for a profitable flow of ideas in achieving exactly what Dr. Cherry wanted in his new, Sunrise, Florida office.

Field Sales Consultant, Dennis Mhyre and Equipment Service Technician, Jerry Hardman also contributed their expertise to ensure that the facility was up to standards for the type of care Dr. Cherry intended to offer his patients. Dr. Cherry was especially concerned with the proper environment in order to deliver correct treatment for myocranial dysfunction, which includes postural change, snoring, sleep apnea, and TMD. To better facilitate these treatments, the Soredex Tome—a specialized CAT scan for viewing the head and neck in 2-mm computer-generated “slices”—would be relied upon to pinpoint the basis for symptoms in the dysfunctions.

After reviewing various approaches to financing, Dr. Cherry chose Henry Schein Financial Services (HSFS), one of many practice-building resources developed by Henry Schein for healthcare providers. His long-standing relationship with HSFS Specialist, Mike Whelan, quickly made a positive dialogue possible, and they began putting together an acceptable plan for financing his new office.

During his daughter’s illness, Dr. Cherry had practiced his art under somewhat compromised circumstances, not being fully ableto offer his patients an effective range of services necessary for their treatment. His dedication to the comfort and satisfaction of his patients is of paramount importance to him, and he meant the new office to be a perfect model of all he had dreamed of in patient care. “We now treat our patients more efficiently in a spacious and relaxed environment...[and] delve into treating TMD and associated dysfunctions with the most modern technological equipment,” he notes.

The new office is specifically organized to provide patients easy access and exit. In fact, these two areas are separate, creating a more natural traffic flow based on the phase of care the patient is engaged in. A children’s play area is adjacent to the general reception area, and features a full array of kid-friendly attention-getters such as a bench, toys, and a flat-screen monitor that is selectable for TV, DVDs, and Play Station II games. The reception desk is especially configured to manage both incoming patients and outgoing patients awaiting final consultation and payment arrangements—with confidentiality assured in either case.

Left to right: Dennis Mhyre, Field Sales Consultant; Jim Weber, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Robert Cherry; Jerry Hardman, Equipment Service Technician

Mellow earth tones prevail in the office’s decor—warm cherry wood on cabinets, soft gold on walls, and multitone Berber carpet in the hallways—creating a relaxed, low-key environment that facilitates a more positive treatment outcome. The 3,000-sq. ft. office expanse houses several operatories and a separate hygiene room. Operatories are "fully loaded" with individual X-ray/ intraoral cameras and flat-screen video monitors with multiple functions of satellite TV, DVD-CD, and XM satellite radio to enhance the patient’s relaxation during treatment.

Dr. Cherry’s new office is dedicated to the memory of his beloved daughter, Lisa, and represents the culmination of many exceptional accomplishments. He has realized his dream of a dynamic facility based on his professional vision of patient care and chosen area of specialization. Dr. Cherry and his staff can now practice dentistry with the commitment and enthusiasm that is so integral to his philosophy. His approach to healthcare ensures that his patients experience less stress, comfortable surroundings, and superior treatment options delivered by caring professionals with great “chair-side” skills. Very impressive.