Dr. John Cranham - Chesapeake, Virginia

It might be unnerving for some dentists to have people studying their every move, but for Dr. John Cranham, it’s something he encourages. Both a practicing dentist with a thriving practice in Chesapeake, Virginia, and a leading educator in the field, he balances his time caring for patients in his esthetic-focused dentistry practice and sharing his expertise in demonstrations and lectures all over the United States and abroad.

Balancing these two passions has become easier now that Dr. Cranham has relocated to a stunning new 2,400-square foot office in the Greenbrier area of the city because it is in the same building as the Mid-Atlantic Center for Advanced Dental Study, a post-graduate education facility affiliated with the Dawson Academy.

“The previous building was older and had space limitations,” explained Dr. Cranham, who also serves as Dawson Academy’s clinical director. “I decided to build a new office to address potential growth, to be closer to the primary lab we use (which is also in the building), and to be connected to the Dawson teaching facility so my office could be used in conjunction with the hands-on courses.”

Wayne Boiselle, the Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist who worked with Dr. Cranham explained, “The doctor wanted to create a practice that was congruent with the quality of care he was providing.“

At the same time, Dr. Cranham, the educator, also saw an opportunity to share his expertise by installing cameras in one of the operatories to allow those attending the Academy next door to see training procedures and equipment in action. The result is a new dental office that offers the best of both worlds: the latest technology, a luxurious environment for patients, and a fully wired facility that broadcasts procedures in real-time to those in training right next door.

Space that Transforms and Teaches Patients who come to Dr. Cranham for esthetic procedures have very specific concerns and hopes, so being able to deliver outstanding results in a space that’s both beautiful and inviting is vital to meeting his patients’ high expectations.

When patients enter the new practice, the first thing they see is a waterfall that softly cascades down a wall of dark granite into a bed of natural stones. Scattered throughout the lobby are comfortable, upholstered chairs alternating between a lively pattern and a relaxing, rich green. The clean and simple lines prevalent in the light hardwood laminate floors and lighting fixtures create a sense of serenity and calm. A glass block window set in the lobby wall allows light to radiate through the practice and links the five treatment rooms to the waiting area.

The Pelton and Crane equipped operatories are an oasis of comfort, where patients are treated to leather massage chairs and TV monitors so they can enjoy entertainment while the doctor recreates their smiles. Before deciding on the high-end cabinetry and furniture, Boiselle of Henry Schein and Dr. Cranham flew to the factory for a tour–ultimately, the doctor loved the aesthetics and the ergonomics of the line.

“Dr. Cranham didn’t want his office to look clinical,” remembered Boiselle. “Ultimately the Pelton and Crane cabinetry gave him the look he wanted.”

The color palette borrows from a comfortable swatch of rich neutrals: smooth deep brown in the cabinetry and deep gray Corian countertops that offset the creamy taupe walls. Captioning the operatories are large, rectangular windows that dominate the space, opening up the high-ceilinged rooms to the outdoors. Smiling portraits of former clients serve as inspiration to patients and also highlight the work done by Dr. Cranham.


“The use of the more advanced equipment and organization in the operatories helps utilize our time much better,” remarked Dr. Cranham.

As sharp as the new space looks, it’s also highly functional. The operatories are set up to maximize efficiency for both the doctor and the assistants, and everything flows perfectly. The new central sterilization room was designed to easily accommodate multiple staff members and is easily accessible.

Digital Equipment Meets High Expectations Remaking someone’s smile is an emotional journey for the patient and often something they’ve wanted for a long time, so keen attention to detail is necessary so they feel informed and engaged in every decision about their treatment.

Left to Right: Michael Marquis, Equipment Service Technician; Bobby Anderson, Regional Manager; Dr. John Cranham; Lisa Pearson, Field Sales Consultant; Wayne Boiselle, Equipment Sales Specialist

Dr. Cranham invested in top-of-the-line digital radiograph systems including the DEXIS Platinum Digital Sensor. Both give him the ability to view high-quality images almost immediately and display those images on the TV monitors so patients can view the X-rays while the doctor makes treatment recommendations. The office also houses an E4D CAD/CAM system, which has streamlined the restoration process for both the patient and staff.

Moving to this advanced digital equipment has accomplished several things for Dr. Cranham’s office. As a dentist energized by new techniques and technology, the addition of the latest digital equipment is exciting. Perhaps more importantly, however, it just makes sense financially. The new equipment was financed by Henry Schein Financial Services, and even this proved to be a positive part of the project for the doctor. “It was so easy to work with them, “said Dr. Cranham. “They exceeded my expectations.”

The new equipment is faster, allowing the staff to move from the previous phosphorous plates digital system they used before, so there’s one less step. It’s more precise, costs virtually nothing to run, saves time, and simply elevates the doctor’s practice by offering his patients excellent results.

Anne Ellison, Chairside Assistant; Kelly Brown, Hygienist; Dr. John Cranham; Mariah Scofield, Assistant; Sarah McCutcheon, Office Manager

Location, Location,Location

The move from the Western Branch location in Chesapeake to the more centrally located Tidewater area has allowed the practice to draw in a more diverse client base. The number of new patients has increased and so have referrals as patients visit the new office, feel good about their experience, and tell others.

Featured Equipment:

  • Dentrix Practice Management
  • DEXIS Digital Sensors
  • E4D system
  • Pelton & Crane 3000 Chair
  • Pelton & Crane Helios Light
  • Pelton & Crane Cabinetry
  • Pelton & Crane Delivery System
  • Pelton & Crane Sterilization Center
  • Pelton & Crane Delta Q Sterilizer
  • SciCan Statim Sterilizer