It’s About Time and About DEXIS

By Gregory Zollo, DDS

DEXIS Platinum Sensor

After 37 years of practicing dentistry, I decided to change my image. By that, I mean that I improved my radiographic images by switching from film to digital X-rays. I wanted to make the best choice, so I invited representatives from three different companies for demonstrations. One interesting aspect stood out in my mind. When discussing digital systems with my dental colleagues, many had switched from other brands to DEXIS™. But I didn’t hear of anyone who switched from DEXIS to another system.

DEXIS™ Platinum sensor technology produces clear images at a wide range of exposure settings. And the ClearVu™ image enhancement tool provides even greater detail and depth. I use this tool everyday. I no longer have the worries that come with film like, “Will my X-rays be too light? Will they be too dark? Is the solution too cool, or is it getting too weak?” None of that occurs anymore. DEXIS images are very consistent.

With DEXIS, I can enlarge images as much as I need to without losing image quality. I can change the contrast or use other drawing tools to point out areas of concern. My patients can now look at the monitor displaying the enlarged image and actually understand what I am explaining. With film, they had to turn their heads to see the view box from a few feet away, or view the X-ray while held up to the light.

My DEXIS system is also great for communication with specialists since I can securely email images almost immediately. With film, we had to write a note, make a duplicate film, mount it, put it in an envelope, get the address, and mail it. They got it a few days later. DEXIS is a huge time saver. Another example is that retakes happen in seconds. With film, if a retake was needed, I could kiss another ten minutes goodbye taking the new X-ray and developing it.

According to the ADA, digital X-rays expose my patients to less radiation than film*. The DEXIS Platinum sensor, according to a laboratory study cited by DEXIS, provided higher diagnostic image quality results at lower radiation doses when compared to competitive sensors, and the Platinum sensor demonstrated more consistency across both low and high radiation doses.**

Our Henry Schein Dental consultant, Liz Talairco, is so sharp. She guided us through the process of choosing DEXIS. She followed up on every question and never once dropped the ball. On the DEXIS side, Representative Lisa Brooks was very helpful and so was the service department. As with any computer-based system, challenges can occur, and DEXIS support has been available and helpful. They pull up our account and quickly get to business. In one instance, several team members from DEXIS support collaborated for an efficient solution. They even emailed instructions and a transcript of the discussion with information on what to do if it ever happens again. I know we can depend on them.

I couldn’t be any happier with my new DEXIS system. From image quality to support, I feel I have the best. This digital system saves time, money, and is so much easier. I should have switched years ago.

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