The Spa Experience: How Dental Offices are Creating a Spa-like Atmosphere in Their Space


Spa touches reach traditional dental offices.

Dental offices that feel more like spas have been increasing in popularity across the United States. Known for combining traditional dental services with spa services, they alleviate the dread a patient may feel about anticipating a procedure and combine the convenience of some needed pampering.

Dental spa

Cranberry Dental Studio created a waiting room that feels like a cozy sitting room with luxurious seating and a breathtaking fireplace.

By creating a relaxing environment, the patient experience is enhanced and the association with the appointment is a positive one. From adding a beverage station, to offering Botox injections, to paraffin wax treatments, these spa dental offices are getting creative—and adding revenue.

If you’re thinking of adopting a welcoming spa atmosphere, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

  • Soft or neutral colors and natural accents make your office more inviting and have less of a clinical feel. Utilizing natural light, for a softer effect, dispels harsher alternatives. Bring in greenery for a fresh look, as well.
  • More than looks, sound plays a part in creating an inviting environment. Headphones for patients that play music or TV soundtracks cover the sound of dental drills and other dental equipment for a welcome change.
  • Smell plays a part, too. In the reception area, use aromatherapy or essential oils to scent the air so your patients feel calm and comfortable in the office.
coffee bar

Dr. Sarah Pless added a beverage station which offers patients a delicious local tea from a café nearby her office.

Don’t forget to veer away from the institutional choices. By furnishing your office with more luxurious, design-forward furniture, your office can look more spa-like, keeping patients comfortable and their stress levels low. Stock a beverage area with flavored waters and green teas for patients to enjoy while they wait for their appointment. Can you start to see how enjoying a cool drink on comfortable furniture in a scented room with natural light makes for a relaxing change from more traditional offices? How about a Keurig coffee bar in the winter when a caramel flavor can feel like home?

Some of these same spa-like offices have started to offer services that are usually found in spas or in cosmetic dentistry practices. These services may include paraffin wax treatments, warm neck wraps, and massage chairs.

The heat of a paraffin wax treatment and warm neck wraps can help soothe patients who are stressed. Paraffin treatments also deep-moisturizes the patient’s hands and helps alleviate pain in joints. Massage chairs help anxious patients feel more relaxed before and after their appointments. Botox can be used as a less invasive way to help treat a patient’s “gummy smile” and can relax muscles to make it easier to fit new dentures. While it may require its own skilled practitioner, Botox can draw more clients and add convenience by eliminating another stop in their routine.

spa-like amenities

Dr. Dolores Mora installed plush leather massage chairs and a refreshment area, as well as expanded her services to include aesthetic treatments and massage therapy.

What you choose to offer, and for which patients, can vary. Some offices save massage chairs and neck wraps for patients who are receiving more intensive procedures, like root canals and fillings. Cleaning appointments, for instance, may only entail treating patients to a cold drink and comfy chair.

So, take a cue from a growing trend and choose what you’d like to incorporate in your own dental office. An inviting office is a welcome change for your patients, even if you start with just a scented room. Whether you choose to adopt the dental spa atmosphere, cosmetic dental practice, or just add a beverage station, your patients will appreciate the extra effort to help them enjoy the visit and feel relaxed and comfortable.

Looking to turn your office into a dental spa? Contact Henry Schein’s Integrated Design Studio to begin your journey!