Dental Innovations–Omaha, Nebraska

Dental Innovations – Omaha, NE

Dr. Michael Danahay and Dr. Matthew Hanfland

“Digital X-rays mean no more dark room and instant viewing of radiographs,” says Dr. Hanfland.

The operatories are fully equipped with Pelton & Crane cabinetry, chairs, and delivery units; KaVo electric handpieces; Midmark track lighting and monitors.

The opening of Dental Innovations in Omaha, Nebraska, brought a beautiful, state-of-the-art general dentistry practice to the community, but more importantly, it allowed two dentists, Dr. Michael Danahay and Dr. Matthew Hanfland, to partner in a new location while enabling them to maintain their separate, unique practices. This creative arrangement began when they expressed a desire to build a new practice with their shared Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant.

“I was an associate dentist at a private practice here in Omaha,” explains Dr. Danahay. “I decided that I was ready to ‘do my own thing.’ I enjoyed being an associate dentist but desired to have my own practice and plan it from start to completion.” Dr. Hanfland, who already operated his own practice, was also interested in building a new practice because he wanted to expand: “I knew that I wanted to work with another dentist in the new office, so I asked for the help of my Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant, in finding another dentist that could partner in the new office.”

Copper and brown metal artwork complements the rich, warm woodwork throughout the office.

The doctors were introduced and after meeting several times, they learned they shared similar ideas, goals, and values when it came to planning and opening a new dental office. In a stroke of excellent timing, a new office building was in the planning phase, and the doctors agreed it would be an optimal location for their new joint venture. It was a two-story professional building with large windows that brought the views of West Omaha into the office. And it provided a spacious, workable space that could be molded into an efficient clinical environment.

Beige walls and carpeting, high hats and wall sconces, and decorative mirrors all work seamlessly together to brighten the main hallway.

Once they decided on the location, they put the project out to bid to a variety of contractors and dental companies. After meeting and interviewing each company, Dr. Danahay and Dr. Hanfland chose Henry Schein’s Equipment Sales Specialist and Design Team.

“The plan for our office space submitted by Henry Schein best utilized the space we had,” notes Dr. Danahay. “It was also comforting to know that Henry Schein, as a company, encompassed different aspects that we would need to utilize as the office was being completed, such as relationships with Pelton & Crane and DEXIS, to name a few. This made the decision-making process much easier in a usually stressful time. The local Henry Schein representatives really helped design and develop an office with great flow, from the reception area to the patient operatories to the sterilization area.”

Plush leather club chairs, glass accents, and black countertops evoke a modern, yet inviting waiting area to comfort anxious patients.

That was 2008. Now, five years later, Dental Innovations is a thriving 3,800-square foot practice that has experienced exceptional growth of 55 new patients per month thanks to a more spacious environment, efficient workflow, and equipment that streamlines and enhances the care that each doctor can provide.

The ambiance is comfortable but luxurious. The waiting area is bright, with groupings of plush leather bucket chairs and bistro tables that give patients an easy place to set down their beverages from the coffee/tea bar. Rich brown woodwork, metal and glass accents, and black counters and tabletops feel clean and modern, yet warm and inviting. A stone waterfall built into the wall is calming and striking.

Inside the patient treatment areas, Dental Innovations has seven rear-delivery operatories for full function and flexibility, outfitted with top-of-the-line Pelton & Crane cabinetry and ErgoSoothe chairs, Midmark track lighting, and monitors for entertainment and patient education. Patients can watch television or gaze at the scenery outside the wall of windows. The flooring is comprised of highly durable epoxy speckled with colors that match the rest of the decor. Two additional operatories are roughed in, but the plan is to complete both as active treatment areas in the future as growth dictates.

“The plan for our office space submitted by Henry Schein best utilized the space we had,” notes Dr. Danahay.

The open-concept, L-shaped Pelton

The L-shaped sterilization area—with equipment from Pelton & Crane and SciCan—is a showpiece, left open to the office and patients walking by.

The doctors utilize Dentrix practice management software, and Dr. Danahay says it is one of the pieces of technology that has really made a difference in his operations. “The equipment and technology that have had the greatest impact on the practice would include our practice management software, Dentrix, because of its ease of use as well as how it helps the office flow smoothly on a day-to-day basis,” concludes Dr. Danahay. “Our KaVo ELECTROtorque handpieces are also a great asset because of the increased efficiency with dental procedures.”

The doctors also share a Gendex digital pan and a DEXIS platinum sensor so they can display the images chairside. “Digital X-rays mean no more dark room and instant viewing of radiographs,” says Dr. Hanfland.

Equipped with DEXIS software, the consultation room gives the doctors plenty of space for explaining procedures and reviewing treatment plans.

Dr. Danahay has recently purchased the E4D Dentist system for his practice, and he is looking forward to expanding his service offerings to include same-day restorations.

Dr. Danahay shares how the new office has personally benefited his practice: “There is now ample space for increased scheduling, and we were therefore able to incorporate more members to our dental team. Production has increased greatly as a result of being able to attend CE courses and implement new techniques and procedures in the office, such as implant placement with the CAMLOG Implant System. Because of this, our patient family has grown as we are able to offer a wider variety of treatment options to each patient.”

Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist Ryan Lingenfelter is proud of Henry Schein’s teamwork at Dental Innovations and believes this office is one of the nicest in Omaha.

“This work environment exudes pride in the team and assists in attracting new patients,” says Lingenfelter. “Dr. Hanfland and Dr. Danahay are keeping pace with the latest innovations in dentistry, as this office setting is clean, professional, and innovative! The staff love working in this beautiful environment, and patients are proud to refer their friends and family.”

Left to right: Dan Matthews, Equipment Service Technician; Ryan Lingenfelter, Equipment Sales Specialist; Eric Nuss, Regional Manager; Dr. Matthew Hanfland; Dr. Michael Danahay; Brandon Stewart, Field Sales Consultant.

Dental Innovations Floor Plan Designed By: Kory Schneider, Henry Schein National Design Group