Not All Dental Cabinets Are Created Equal

If you’ve been practicing for any length of time, you know the furniture you choose for your operatories can have a profound impact on the health, productivity and profitability of your entire dental team.

A-dec Inspire Dental Furniture
Specialized dental furniture engineered by experts and designed specifically for the operatory environment not only performs better, it lasts longer. (One extra benefit: if the cabinetry is freestanding, you can take with you if you move or sell it at retirement!) Here are some things to consider when purchasing cabinetry for your office:

Is it ergonomic?

With 40 to 60 percent of dental professionals suffering from work-related musculoskeletal injuries, comfort isn’t a factor you want to sacrifice. Look for furniture that works the way you do—with moveable, customizable features such as shelves and work surfaces that move to you and help you avoid extreme movements. Dental cabinets should be based on body mechanics research, and designed with career longevity in mind.

Does it improve workflow?

Is the furniture built with task-based design that streamlines workflow? In the sterilization center, for example, tasks should be grouped together—not only to conform to CDC guidelines, but also to eliminate backtracking and streamline processing for efficient materials management. Specialized dental furniture can provide procedure-based storage, with a place for everything, and hands-free operation of faucets and dispensers to promote asepsis.

Does it enhance your space?

What do the color and design of your operatories say about your practice “personality”? Are you setting the right tone for patients and staff? Having a wide choice of materials and colors for countertops, cabinets, walls and infills allows you to create a specific look that expresses your individual style. Quality details like soft-close doors, rounded countertop edges, and glass vessel sinks add a sophisticated, highly professional look.

Dental furniture is a long-term investment in your practice and your team, so be sure the choice you make offers everything you need—comfort, efficiency and style. Learn more by visiting to see beautiful furniture designs that inspire great performance.