Data Drives New Build for Doctor Creating Pediatric Smiles

World Pediatric Dental San Antonio, Texas

Oshmi Dutta, DDS

Dr. Oshmi Dutta’s approach to building his San Antonio, Texas practice, World Pediatric Dental, was inspired by something his father always says: “Making a decision without information is just a guess.” The doctor embraced that wise statement as he prepared to build a brand new pediatric dental practice in south Texas.

Although he worked in general dentistry for a number of years, Dr. Dutta later realized he wanted to switch to pediatric dentistry. He left a general practice in California to return to school and became board certified in pediatric dentistry and a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

He spent nearly two years gathering information both on his own and with his Henry Schein team. He viewed hundreds of dental practices in person and online, and he accessed research and demographic data from Henry Schein. With that crucial information, he decided where he wanted to locate his new practice and how it would be designed and operated.

Dr. Dutta was intentional about creating spaces that catered to the different age groups he treats. The teen bay provides a more “adult” experience with a sophisticated, minimalistic feel.

The Planmeca ProMax X-ray machine was a must-have for the doctor, who relies on its precise imaging for accurate diagnoses and the lower radiation levels that provide peace-of-mind to parents.

Research Aids in Location Choice

Dr. Dutta’s dedication to excellence and to the intense study of his craft extended to the planning and preparation he completed before building his new office. He knew he wanted to open a practice in south Texas where he was currently working as an associate, but he did not know exactly where. To make an informed decision, he wanted to use comprehensive data and research because he was opening his office in a new city—from scratch—and he needed to be extremely confident that his choices, especially practice location and office design, would lead to the profitability of his business in a timely manner.

Field Sales Consultant Todd Alguire and a local Equipment & Technology Specialist utilized the robust data mining resources available through Henry Schein to provide insight to the doctor on different markets, including Austin and Dallas.

“The research we can provide is an asset for a practice,” noted Mr. Alguire. “We have the capabilities to give doctors information so they can make the most educated decision for the lifetime of the practice. To build out a successful practice the size of Dr. Dutta’s, you have to know the area inside and out.”

The team provided extensive demographic information by zip code to the doctor for the Texas cities he was considering, including fee analysis and insurance penetration statistics, competitor data, fee balancing, coding analysis, overhead and P&L budgeting, goal setting, and even school locations and density. Mr. Alguire also brought in a real estate partner to help Dr. Dutta identify optimal sites. The data ultimately pointed the doctor to launching a practice in San Antonio, a fast-growing area where the average age of pediatric dentists is 52 years old. In his late thirties, he saw an opportunity to inject a new, state-of-the-art practice into this booming area.

Even after all of the research I had done and the practices I had looked at, it was very important for me to work with Henry Schein.

Bright, cheerful Midmark chairs and sleek cabinetry in the pediatric bay create an environment of sophistication, further communicating to patients that Dr. Dutta is commited to cutting-edge technology and patient care.

A highlight for many of Dr. Dutta’s patients is their trip to the prize wall, which is filled with gift items of all sizes and colors.

“Even after all of the research I had done and the practices I had looked at, it was very important for me to work with Henry Schein,” Dr. Dutta explained. “Todd has seen many practices and shared with me features and designs that were working for them. In one case, he suggested we lower a wall to three feet high so parents could see their children, and it changed the look and feel of the practice so much. I wouldn’t have known all the questions to ask or the data I needed without them.”

Each patient can customize what they would like to watch on the smart TV mounted above their head. Dr. Dutta can also show patients and their families digital images that help them to better understand treatment options.

Office Design Connects with All Ages

The doctor’s primary goal for his practice is to cater to his patients–a tall order because those patients can vary in age from anxious toddler coming for a first visit, to tech-savvy, glued-to-his-cellphone teenager. Appealing to a wide range of ages is something Dr. Dutta is very focused on, which inspired him to design spaces for different age groups so each patient and their parents would feel comfortable during their visit. The other goals Dr. Dutta had were to build a h3 brand– so he could eventually expand–and to also create an environment where his staff would enjoy working as they grow professionally.

True to his careful planning and the strength of the data he used to make his choices, the 8,000 square-foot, 17-operatory practice has enjoyed great success in a short time. Since opening in September of 2014, Dr. Dutta’s practice has grown at a rate of more than 100 per month to more than 1,300 patients, and the unique design has certainly contributed to that success.

Striking in its clarity, the blue wing of the sterilization area, with glossy blue tiles, denotes that instruments have completed the sterilization process and are clean and ready for use.

Fire engine red wall tiles and cabinetry communicate “caution.” This practical design clearly communicates the beginning of the instruments’ flow from dirty to clean.

“Pediatric dentists see a wide range of kids”, Mr. Alguire pointed out, “and his office caters to all of those ages. He has a gift wall full of prizes for the youngest children but also a dedicated, separate teen area so they don’t ever feel they’ve outgrown their dentist.”

The office design is modern, but still engaging and warm. At this fully paperless offices, families check in seamlessly on iPads when they enter the interactive waiting area. As patients wait for their appointment, they have many options to pass the time, from a theater area and an Xbox Kinect to a virtual immersive game experience projected onto the floor. A coffee bar caters to teens and parents.

Throughout the office, the colors are bright and upbeat in shades of apple green, orange, and light blue, and the flooring is a durable and smooth polished concrete.

Once inside the treatment area, patients go their separate ways into areas designed specifically for their age. The teen bay is sleek and modern and provides a more “adult” experience with clean lines and an outstanding view of the city. The children’s area is built to make smaller visitors comfortable. Each treatment chair has a dedicated smart TV that lets patients choose what they want to watch. Doorway signs decorated with the patient’s name and a smiley face greet them as they come in for sedation dentistry. And when they wake up? An ice cream machine delivers a tasty treat; Dr. Dutta firmly believes it is impossible to be unhappy when you have an ice cream in your hand!

The practice incorporates many creative elements, including ultra contemporary apple green stools that are fully visible behind the glass walls of the consultation areas.

Must-Have Technology Contributes to Early Success

Three consultation rooms line the main hallway, sitting behind full glass walls with ultra-contemporary lime-green stools. Also jutting off the hallway is the L-shaped sterilization room that hosts state of the art equipment from Midmark and SciCan. An innovative and striking visual reminder of the division between dirty and clean is denoted by red and blue wall tiles and cabinetry. The red area represents caution, or the start of the dirty workflow, while the blue decor marks the area where instruments are clean and have completed the process.

We wanted to raise the bar and provide much more to our patients,” said Dr. Dutta. The dental equipment he selected is a continuation of that goal.

Personalized greetings make young patients feel special and put them more at ease.

“We wanted to raise the bar and provide much more to our patients,” said Dr. Dutta. The dental equipment he selected is a continuation of that goal.

And, a Planmeca ProMax digital panoramic imaging system was a “must have” for the doctor.

“Our treatment centers on the ability to give solid diagnoses,” Dr. Dutta continued. The ProMax system and Gendex sensor gives him a very clear picture of the patient’s mouth with much lower levels of radiation– something Dr. Dutta admits is important for parents.

Left to right: Jorge Esparaza, Equipment Service Technician; Todd Alguire, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Oshmi Dutta; Adam Rose, Equipment Service Technician

The office design was laid out by Henry Schein’s National Design Group. The equipment that fills the office were significant investments, and Henry Schein Financial Services helped to fund a portion of the build. Because of the in-depth research Dr. Dutta conducted beforehand, he is already looking at opportunities to expand his practice into an adjacent space, where he has already secured an extra 4,200 square feet. And, as part of a five-year plan he developed with his Henry Schein team, he is only a year away from expanding his services to include orthodontics. Eventually, his practice will span the entire third floor.

“None of this would have been possible without the people of Henry Schein,” confirmed Dr. Dutta. “They advised me and helped me to bring together this big project. We are Team Schein all the way!”