Crestway Park Dental Athens, Texas

Crestway Park Dental – Athens, TX

Dr. Brandon Allen

I knew I wanted to build for the future. If I was going to take the step of building a new office, I wanted to
get it right from the start.

An Eye to the Future–“Toward the end of our time in the old office, we had turned the existing small private office into a pano room…and used another small space as our lab, staff lounge, and my office,” notes Dr. Allen. “We needed much more room. Being a relatively young doctor, I knew I wanted
to build for the future. If I was going to take the step of building a new office, I wanted to get it right from the start.

I only wanted to do it once in my career if I could help it!”

While engaging in talks for financing, the office design and layout plans were being firmed up with Henry Schein Dental. “I had originally found my practice through my local Henry Schein Dental Field Sales Consultant Jay Knight,” comments the Doctor. “I always had a good working relationship with the company, and I trusted the expertise and advice of their specialists. We have had Dentrix running since to 1997 in the old office and use the Privileges program for discounts and special offers, including earning Rewards Points for purchases. The flat-screen TV in our lounge room was earned with Rewards Points from the program.”

Perfect Form and Function–The new, freestanding office building is also located in Athens, Texas. Its first floor encompasses a 5,000-sq. foot area; the second floor adds 1,500-sq. feet to the overall plan. Crestway Park Dental’s exterior has the modern, organic feel of the Bauhaus-style architecture with strong cubic lines, minimalist sensibility, and a perfect blend of the functional and aesthetic. Mixed elements such as stone and metal, landscaping that adds softness, and a soothing water fountain at the entry give this office strong curb appeal. Inside, the well-thought-out design perspective continues. The use of wood, stone, and water in the reception and waiting areas echo the exterior design motifs and enhance the impact of the office’s clean, contemporary mood. The granite-topped, curved reception desk; warm wood floors; water wall; and an abundance of natural light invite the patient into a relaxed and welcoming space. 3form panels can be found incorporated into walls adjacent to the sterilization and consultation rooms. The translucent panels add decorative flair and allow ambient light to flow between rooms. Dr. Allen’s wife, Brittany, is responsible for all of the professional creative insights into the office’s design.

“The new office building gives added credibility to what we are doing. I am most proud of the overall look and feel of the office…very relaxing and the better location gives us greater visibility.”

Technology Leads the Way–Equipment Sales Specialist Scott Beech provided guidance with the layout and technology products that would support successful project completion. “When we began…I met with Dr. Allen to find out what his practice goals were in developing this new office,” notes Scott. “The Doctor needed more operatories. He also needed the ability to accommodate visiting specialists without sacrificing chair time and better handle his patient base without being space constricted. Since he already had two new Pelton & Crane (P&C) chairs, I took the Doctor and his wife to the P&C showrooms to show him the many equipment options available today. Equipment and technologies that were chosen included P&C chairs, P&C Helios 3000 LED lights, P&C Renaissance 12 o’clock cabinetry, KaVo handpieces and quattrocare system. These products are ideal for the office’s customized needs and will offer outstanding patient comfort, better doctor accessability in the operatories, and a smoother daily workflow.”

Left to right: Jay Knight, Field Sales Consultant; Randall Mclemore, Regional Manager; Scott Beech, Equipment Sales Specialist; Mark Welch, Equipment Service Technician; Dr. Brandon Allen

Dr. Brandon Allen and team

The added space has allowed the Doctor to bring in an orthodontist and a periodontist one day per month. “My patients now receive the highest quality care from the best specialists—right here in Athens!” adds Dr. Allen. “The new environment makes it possible for us to practice high-quality, comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We easily accommodate about 30 new patients per month and our production has increased by 10%-20% despite the current economic climate of the last few years. Referrals have also increased. We are looking forward to bringing in an associate and equipping more of our operatories.”

“Doctor Allen will have peace of mind knowing that his equipment will hold its value and give him a ROI that will far exceed his original investment,” points out Jay Knight. “The design and aesthetics of the new premises, inside and out, conveys ‘big city sophistication’ in the small town of Athens, which is 90 miles from Dallas, Texas. The staff at Crestway Park Dental now enjoys all the benefits of working with
state-of-the-art equipment and technology with plenty of room to grow. The office is a great marketing tool for the business and a great place to come to work every day.” Positioned for Success–With the ability to offer enhanced treatment options through industry-leading technologies and
a design plan that hit all the right markers, Dr. Allen’s dream office is a true reflection of his dedication to excellence in patient care. “The new office building gives added credibility to what we are doing. I am most proud of the overall look and feel of the office. It is very relaxing and the better location gives us greater visibility. Finally, our surroundings portray the quality of dentistry we work to achieve.”

Featured Equipment & Technology

  • Pelton & Crane Chairs
  • Pelton & Crane Helios 3000 Lights
  • Pelton & Crane Renaissance 12 o’clock cabinetry
  • KaVo handpieces
  • KaVo Quattrocare