CORNERSTONE DENTAL GROUP...Built With The Future In Mind

There are times when a series of negatives add up to a very big positive. This was especially true for Dr. Ron Solomon’s new practice, Cornerstone Dental Group, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. An expiring lease; high maintenance out-of-date equipment; inability to use space efficiently; a declining business district, and a general lackluster office environment were a few of the factors that led Dr. Solomon to focus on a new start for his practice, staff, and patients.

Staff comments on the new office range from “Love it” to “How can you not like coming to work at one of the nicest offices in the area!” Add that to patients’ comments—“Wow…It’s like the Ritz…You must love coming to work…This is cool!”—and you can easily see why Cornerstone Dental Group gets a hearty “two thumbs up” from all!