Color-Coded Calm - Dental Supply Drawers

Colorful dental supply drawers

It’s probably safe to assume that you don’t spend much time thinking about your dental supply drawers (thank goodness!). But with a little thought—and a few pops of color—you can take the stress out of organizing your materials and instruments.

Check out this quick 30-second animated video to see how the drawer bins rearrange in A-dec Inspire Dental Cabinets.

It’s that easy.

Start by assigning a tub and tray color for each procedure… say, aqua for crown and bridge, lime for endo, lavender for hygiene… your instruments, instrument holders, bur holders, and dental materials will all be identified by the same color for each procedure.

Along with an appealing view from chairside, color-coded tray inserts allow you to combine tubs and trays with locking covers to create a streamlined, stress-free routine from setup to sterilization.

With a visual, procedure-based system like this in place, you can find the materials and instruments you need without digging around. Your staff can flow from room-to-room, procedure-to-procedure, in a fluid, organized manner.

Calm and collected.