Certified in Digital Dentistry: A Study Program

Planmeca University – E4D Technologies recently redesigned the C.D.D. program to meet industry changes.

Seven years ago, Chairside Dental Designer (C.D.D.) was launched with the objective to encourage CAD/CAM dentistry opportunities but now, a new program has been introduced: Certified in Digital Dentistry (C.D.D.). C.D.D. furthers those opportunities for professional growth within the evolving world of digital dentistry. The C.D.D certification has become a two-part study program (online and hands-on) that recognizes 3 proficiencies for specialization – scanning, designing, or finishing – each having its own requirements and representing a different component of the digital dental process.

  • Scanning CDD – teaches proper preparation design and soft tissue management along with hands-on verification of proper scanning techniques
  • Designing CDD – encompasses tooth anatomy, design skills and occlusion with hands-on designing of partial and full coverage restorations, implant, and multiple unit restorations that meet the esthetic contour of the environment
  • Finishing CDD – emphasizes proper contour of milled restorations followed by proper characterization, firing, and polishing of various restorations according to work authorization

From lecturing and speaking at dental conventions to working chairside with peer-to-peer local offices, take your dental career to the next level. C.D.D. will give your dental profession a whole new meaning. Whether you’d like to further your dental education or are just starting out in the industry, all courses are taught by experienced leaders in the field and are dedicated to developing and advancing the skills of dental professionals. As the program continues to grow, we value the close-knit community of CDDs on the clinical team and will continue to empower these individuals in digital dentistry.

Interested in taking your dental profession to the next level? For more information, visit e4d.com/ and register today!