Can a Sterilization Center Save Your Staff Time?

Sterilization is a vital, but time consuming, part of the daily routine in a dental office. So naturally, a centrally located sterilization center that maximizes flow, efficiency, and materials turnover is key.

But let’s take that a step further. The sterilization center should reflect a process-based design system: one that follows a streamlined process to ensure that materials and instruments are properly sterilized—and remain sterile while in storage. Take the A-dec Inspire® sterilization center, for example.

A-dec Inspire follows recommended CDC protocol for the sterilization center, creating a safe, consistent process and streamlining the flow of materials. The layout groups together related steps, strategically following CDC guidelines with a specified location for receiving and cleaning, preparation and packaging, sterilization, and storage. It helps ensure that the entire team follows the same steps, which inevitably helps boost productivity.

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