Babcock Office Makes a Stunning First Impression–Excellent Periodontist

San Antonio, Texas

Kent Hamilton

First impressions count. Most people accept that as fact. Dr. Kent Hamilton did. He knew that his Babcock periodontal practice, one of his three Excellent Periodontist locations in the San Antonio area, did not make a strong first impression. Well-known in the community for the specialty dental care the doctor provided, including implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and restorations, his office did not communicate that high level of care and skill.

The shortcomings were many. The existing office was dated and run down. There was no digital imaging technology at all. The floor plan was not conducive to efficient patient flow, and it was too small with just three operatories.

The custom wall art, draws the eye with its soothing texture and bold white hue and ties into the check-in desk design.

Henry Schein Regional Manager Kyle Steck, who worked with Equipment & Technology Specialist Karl Nussbaum, Equipment Sales Specialist Bill Hildebrand, and Field Sales Consultant Todd Alguire on Dr. Hamilton’s build-out, describes the previous office: “It was not well laid out. It had one long hallway with offices that jutted off of it. And it was fairly old. The facility didn’t match the high-end care that the doctor provides.”

A pop of color in these abstract, yet sophisticated pieces contrast with the cool palette on the walls of the practice.

On the plus side, the location was convenient, and Dr. Hamilton’s patients were familiar with it. The perfect solution was found when space formerly occupied by another practice became available downstairs. Dr. Hamilton decided to move into that space and rebuild the office into what he envisioned for himself. That meant a new design from Henry Schein’s National Design Team, state-of-the-art technology, new furniture and cabinetry, and an emphasis on creating a crisp, sleek-looking office that instilled the message his practice was not only pristine and safe but also comfortable for patients. He wanted the finished practice to be a step up from those of other dentists, and a welcoming environment, particularly because patients who were referred to him often came for complex treatments that required a great deal of confidence in the doctor.

“We used some of the pre-existing framework in the downstairs space but revised most of it,” recalls Mr. Steck. “We moved the existing sterilization area to a more central location, and redesigned the floor plan to follow a circular flow that is much easier for patients and staff as they transition from check-in through the office.”

The centerpiece of the Excellent Periodontist Babcock office, and one of the first rooms that patients see, is this large operatory, lined with glass block walls and featuring Midmark Elevance chair and custom cabinetry.

Sleek Lines, Architectural Glass Create Modern Office

The result is remarkable. The office is striking with ultramodern décor and architectural elements. Crisp, clean lines are interspersed with eye-catching textural accents. The dominant colors in the reception area are a cool tan and white. Smooth leather furniture and bold chevron-patterned carpeting are the ultimate in sophistication. Interest is introduced through abstract art along the wall and a large piece that lends serenity to the waiting area and looks like a placid lake with gentle ripples running across its surface. The check-in desk, too, is characterized by simplicity, but visual interest is added with a textured façade at the front.

As patients pass into the treatment area, the palette changes to bold red and white, and the staff’s deep red uniforms reinforce the theme.

The new 3,100 square-foot office has five treatment rooms: two surgical suites, two hygiene rooms, and an opulent exam room that makes a statement immediately when patients see it.

The new 3,100 square-foot office features five treatment rooms: two surgical suites, two hygiene rooms, and an opulent exam room that makes a statement immediately when patients see it. Its decorative glass walls add movement to the high-tech operatories and provide privacy while maintaining the open feeling of the spacious room. This showpiece of the office continues the spectacular first impression established in the reception area.

The state-of-the-art sterilization area is centrally located on purpose, so patients can see the commitment Dr. Hamilton has made to the most safe, hospital-grade sterilization equipment.

A private consultation room, bright and modern, gives patients a comfortable place to discuss their treatment options.

The surgical suites and hygiene rooms are equipped with Belmont chairs, cabinets, and lighting, while the exam room is equipped with a Midmark chair and custom cabinetry. A separate recovery room gives patients a quiet place to rest and a separate exit for privacy. The sterilization room, which features Midmark equipment, is purposely set in the middle of the office for efficiency and so patients can see the state-of-the-art equipment and know that cleanliness and safety are top priorities for Dr. Hamilton. With a logical dirty-to-clean flow, the sterilization room is a vast improvement on what it was in the previous office, which was “not much larger than a small closet,” adds Mr. Steck.

©Blue MoThe modern, open feel of the practice is carried through into the main exam room and makes a powerful first impression of the high level of care patients can expect.on Studio, Inc.

Technology: The Real Showpiece of the Office

Design and décor establish the first impression, but to maintain it, the level of care patients receive must match the exceptional look of the office, and in the Babcock office, it does.

Dr. Hamilton, already well-known as a premier periodontist without the use of advanced equipment, was certain he could provide an even higher level of care with new equipment that was more precise and connected throughout the office. He purchased a Planmeca intraoral imaging unit and DEXIS sensors, and they are integrated seamlessly with his Dentrix practice-management software.

The Planmeca intraoral imaging system, along with Dexis sensors, integrates perfectly with the Doctor’s Dentrix practice management software.

Dr. Hamilton has been in the new office since June 2013. In 2014, Dr. Andrew Weber purchased the business, moving from Missouri to expand the growth of his practice. The Babcock office, now the flagship of the four Excellent Periodontist offices, is an excellent launching point to achieve that goal. Dr. Weber recently added an i-CAT FLX 3D Cone Beam system as part of his commitment to build upon the diagnostic imaging capabilities of the practice.