Annapolis Prosthodontic Associates

In the late 70s, Dr. William Finagin, a prosthodontist, was owner of both Annapolis Dental Laboratory and Annapolis Prosthodontic Associates (APA). Nick was employed at the lab, which did business with the dental office where he met his future wife, Lori. Twenty years later, APA rehired Lori and Nick now serves them as FSC for Sullivan-Schein.

Throughout the years, Annapolis Prosthodontic Associates has provided high-quality dentistry by a staff that is committed to its mission and its patients’ best interests. It has had the same location since 1978—Annapolis, Maryland—only one-half mile from the state’s capitol building and its “city dock” on the shores of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. The office itself was formerly a movie theatre, built in 1942. This unique and historical location, with its great professional referral services and complimentary parking, still had many highly desirable demographics, and was agreed upon as the location of choice, once again, when negotiations for an office upgrade were on the table.

Left to right: Nick Sullivan, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. John Davliakos; Dr. Robert Cook; Mike DuVall, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Arezoo Bahar and Keith Ulrich, Regional Manager Sullivan-Schein

Strategies for the new office design would address the need for better technology, more efficient use of space, and updates in the in-house laboratory. APA also decided to use a consultant, dental-practice management specialists, to help them organize and institute office policies, financial planning, and marketing strategies to help grow their business more effectively.

Sullivan-Schein’s team of specialists collaborated with the doctors until the ideal environment was defined. Mike Duvall, Equipment Sales Specialist, assisted with the office design; Tom King, National Design Representative, developed the CAD perspective; Dan Fuhrman, Laboratory Design Specialist, worked out the plans for the new laboratory; and Nick Sullivan, Field Sales Consultant, provided guidance for equipment and technology.

The office was completely overhauled. DENTRIX® practicemanagement software was put in place to give the facility the ability to capture, manipulate, catalog, and store images from many different input devices. It is a tremendously efficient system, and streamlines an office’s activities from the front office to the operatories and back again. DENTRIX easily integrates all the processes that a busy dental office relies on, saving the entire staff time and energy—it’s a real “practice-booster,” and a perfect choice for Annapolis Prosthodontic Associates in helping them stay efficient and productive while they focus on better serving their patients.

Equipment for the eight operatories and steri-center was chosen from the Midmark product line and included cabinetry, patient chairs and assistant stools, operatory lights, delivery units, sterilizers, and the ultrasonic cleaner. Midmark’s Sales Representative, Cecil Bean, took Nick Sullivan and wife Lori, Mike DuVall, and Doctors Cook and Davliakos on a tour of the Midmark facility, which included a preview of the end product through a virtual tour of their planned operatories.

During the office’s 5-week renovation period, arrangements were made to see patients on a limited basis through the use of a nearby colleague’s office. Upon completion, the 3,047 sq.-ft. premises revealed an impressive and beautiful new practice environment.

Streamlined, inviting, and functional—and fully equipped with enviable technology that would carry the business forward for many years. The office is a profound example of the exceptional talents of many dedicated professionals.

“Returning patients were pleasantly surprised,” notes Dr. Cook. “Often they would check the names on the door to be sure they were in the right place. New patients like the office very much also. They all like the idea of decreased radiation with digital radiography and the convenience of scheduling from the operatory.”

Annapolis Prosthodontic Associates’ Doctors, Cook, Davliakos, and Bahar can rely on Sullivan-Schein’s specialists for continuous professional support and innovative practice-building resources that will maximize their business’s potential to offer superior patient care—and keep their practice goals moving in the right direction.