Acree & Isenhower Family Dentistry Modesto, California

Acree & Isenhower Family Dentistry – Modesto, CA

Dr. Kevin Isenhower

The waiting area, with a color palette of neutrals with green and brown accents, features soft leather seating and images of Yosemite National Park.

In Modesto, California, a largely agricultural area with a strong presence from Gallo Winery, Dr. Corey Acree purchased a general-dentistry practice from a retiring dentist in 2002. After 10 years, revenues nearly doubled. Then a new associate, Dr. Kevin Isenhower joined the practice providing additional services such as wire-free orthodontics and new bonding techniques that complemented the existing treatment options already provided by the practice.

As Dr. Acree experienced this amazing growth, the office layout became an obstacle to providing superior patient care and to continuing the expansion of services and technology. At just 1876 square feet and 6 operatories, the office could no longer accommodate two doctors, staff, and the ever-growing patient load. As is the case in many older dental offices, the sterilization center was too small, poorly laid out, and inefficient. The front desk area was cramped. Overall patient flow was a problem: there was limited access for those with disabilities, and the sole entrance to the surgical operatory was through the staff lunchroom!

A beautiful 540-gallon saltwater fish tank welcomes patients and makes them feel at home.

When Dr. Acree—already a longtime Henry Schein customer—began to consider building his own office, he was introduced to Equipment Sales Specialist John Pacelli, who invited the doctor and his wife, Bonnie, to attend the “Driven to Excellence” course in Oregon.

“Driven to Excellence” Aids in Good Business Decisions

This course, offered by Henry Schein and the KaVo Kerr Group, is a three-day seminar taught by industry leader Dr. Mark Tholen. It provides doctors with specific information and data they need to make key decisions on building and designing an office. Discussions weigh the pros and cons of building versus leasing, financial implications, tax considerations, return on investment, and more. (Dr. Tholen designed more than 3,000 offices and followed their progress for three years after their construction. On average, those offices experienced 38% growth year over year.)

River rock mosaic flooring complements the front-desk area, adding to the rustic, comfortable feel of the office.

“Driven to Excellence is a must,” says Pacelli. “It really clarifies for the doctor what’s involved in the decision to build a new office. We expose the doctors to the tools we have to help them make sound business decisions.”

New Technology Makes Immediate Impact

So, when a larger space became available for purchase right in Dr. Acree’s complex, Downey Park Professional Center, he made his decision. Not only was Downey Park set on a beautifully landscaped, park-like piece of property and considered one of the most desirable professional locations in Modesto, but he also knew the transition for patients and staff would be easy: the office would remain essentially in the same place.

“With our 3-D imaging, digital X-rays, and intraoral cameras, we can provide better patient diagnosis and excellent patient education,” explains Dr. Acree.

The staff loves the Pelton & Crane Solaris Sterilization Center, complete with a Vista Pure Water System, Miele Thermal Disinfector, and Bravo sterilizers.

After viewing equipment for the new office at the Driven to Excellence seminar, Dr. Acree immediately purchased several pieces of technology and began using them before he moved to the new location. He invested in the Instrumentarium OP300 Panoramic and 3D Cone Beam Imaging System to enhance his implant services and three SOPROLIFE imaging devices for caries detection.

The office design was completed by Justin Crooke of Henry Schein’s National Design Group, but when the construction crew opened up the walls, what they found was not what anyone expected. The building’s plans did not match the reality of what was there.

“I had never seen anything like this,” remembers Pacelli. “Everything needed to be re-engineered. Support posts had to be moved. It set the timetable back three to four months.”

Although the delay was unexpected, the rest of the build was completed on schedule so the doctors and their staff could move into the new office in August 2012.

With 10 operatories in 3,400 square feet, the new office is more spacious and enjoys a more efficient patient flow.

Serene Décor and Spacious Floor Plan Entice Patients

The new office nearly doubled in size from the old space, with 10 operatories in 3,400 square feet, allowing plenty of room for the two doctors, three assistants, and five hygienists that make up the dental team.

When patients come into the office, they are met with nicely arranged, comfortable seating in soft leather and fabric, and a spectacular 540-gallon saltwater fish tank. The color palette is a calming selection of neutrals with green and brown accents. River rock mosaic flooring and carpet lead through the reception area to durable, wood-like vinyl in the operatories. Walls are filled with images of Yosemite National Park from a local artist, and an abundance of windows allow patients to drink in the gorgeous landscaping and the water feature outside. Wider hallways and doorways accommodate people with disabilities.

The Vista Pure Water system provides the finest quality water for patient safety and practice convenience.

Latest Equipment Provides Top-of-the-Line Care and Comfort

The doctor had Pelton & Crane operatory furniture in his previous office and liked it. For the new space, he chose Renaissance cabinetry. Luxurious Spirit patient chairs and delivery systems add comfort and convenience. Operatories are spacious and equipped with plumbed-in nitrous oxide from Accutron, Helios lights, and patient monitors that display patient education and patient entertainment, digital X-rays taken with DEXIS digital sensors, intraoral camera images, and treatment information.

The Instrumentarium OP300 enhances the practice’s implant services.

“With our 3-D imaging, digital X-rays, and intraoral cameras, we can provide better patient diagnosis and excellent patient education,” explains Dr. Acree.

The new Pelton & Crane Solaris Sterilization Center, complete with the Vista Pure Water System, provides superior cleaning and safety for the staff and the patients more quickly than the old sterilization setup; it has the potential to save a typical dental staff up to two hours a day! Additionally, the Cubex System, with its automated dispensing and order-tracking capabilities, provides easy and foolproof supply management.

“The sterilization center is a much larger area with improved technology, including the Miele Thermal Disinfector and SciCan Bravo sterilizers,” notes Dr. Acree. “The clinical area flow is in a U-shape, with sterilization in the middle, creating easy access from all operatories. We also have a dedicated surgical suite, decreasing the need to set up a normal operatory for a surgical procedure.”

Dr. Acree and Dr. Isenhower use Dentrix software, making the office fully digitized and chartless. They also find that Demandforce software is a powerful tool for both patient communication and marketing.

Dr. Acree explains, “Demandforce utilizes e-mail and text messaging to contact our patients for appointment reminders and notifies them if they are due for a checkup. This program can also be used to submit a newsletter or update on the happenings at our office. But the best part about this service is patients reviews. Demandforce submits a request for a review from our patient after they have been in for an appointment. The Web-based reviews post on our Web site, our Facebook page, and on Google, and they have been a very positive marketing tool.”

Left to right: Dr. Kevin Isenhower; Dr. Corey Acree; John Pacelli, Equipment Sales Specialist (not pictured: Mark Lowery, Regional Manager; Amy Riley, Field Sales Consultant; Jason Tilmon, Equipment Service Technician)

The practice sees 15 to 18 new patients per month, primarily through existing patient referrals and online reviews. “Since our move and remodel, the reviews are awesome,” says Dr. Acree. “Do your homework and get a good team around you to help the project go as smoothly as possible. We had a superb team who went the extra mile for us.”

Acree & Isenhower Family Dentistry Floor Plan Designed by: Jennifer Rhode, Henry Schein National Design Group