A Step Ahead…The Dental Implant Center of Memphis

Dr. Carl Schulter’s new office, the dental implant center of Memphis, located in Memphis, Tennessee, is perfectly positioned to ride the next incoming wave of restorative cosmetic options in the dental industry.

The teeth are surgically placed using a local anesthetic, and are remarkably trouble-free compared to conventional crown-and-bridge dentistry. Implant dentistry benefits the patient and the dentist. The patient does not come to the dental office looking for bridgework—they come looking for solutions to current dental problems. In our society, good health and a pleasant appearance have increased in importance. Patients want beautiful smiles—and the ability to chew their food!

The office’s 4,000-sq. ft. space houses 6 regular and 2 surgical operatories are equipped with the high-end technology needed to drive Dr. Schulter’s practice. Sleek, ultramodern Midmark patient chairs; Matrx central evacuation system, compressor, and nitrous units; and cable/DVD in each operatory expand patient comforts and relieve stress during procedures, and put the office on-track to efficiently attend to the business of dentistry. Ergonomically designed operatories give optimal freedom of movement to staff members, creating more ideal logistics for better workflow and enhanced productivity. Each operatory’s freestanding modular cabinetry allows maximized storage capacity, functional work surfaces, and easy access to materials. The outer cabinets buttress the hallway and give the impression of a pseudo-wall while increasing the feeling of spaciousness.

The Dental Implant Center’s lab facility is extraordinary, and easily supports the practice’s expanded capabilities. State-of–theart equipment makes the lab the optimal work environment for the busy office’s special needs. How about the sheer beauty of the office? Perfect form and function and esthetically pleasing—may be understatements for the Dental Implant Center. It’s knockout gorgeous—from the ultramodern reception area with its soothing water feature and natural stone walls to the posh boardroom and consultation area. The unfettered design of the office makes it flow beautifully. Clean lines and curved walls mingle seamlessly, easily guiding you from one area to another. Mellow earth tones are used on the upholstery and walls, and rich, dark woods were chosen for tables, accents on chairs, and specialized cabinetry throughout the facility.

The new environment has had a tremendous impact on the staff. They look forward to coming to work…and enjoy the new equipment and flow of the office. Patients [constantly] remark on the beauty of the office, the new technology, and open environment,” notes Dr. Schulter with a smile. “I couldn’t have done it without my Sullivan-Schein team—Tom King, CAD designer; Gordon Thomas, Equipment Sales Specialist; Hope Mitchell, Field Sales Consultant; and Ed Lambert, Equipment Sales Technician. They worked with the contractors and designers to [ensure] that everything was ordered…installed correctly… and of the best quality possible.”

Left to right: Ed Lamport, Equipment Service Technician; Gordon Thomas, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Carl Schulter; Hope Mitchell, Field Sales Consultant.

Dr. Schulter’s new office is a prime example of Sullivan-Schein’s dedication to the practitioner and their goals. Specialists like Tom King, Gordon Thomas, Hope Mitchell, and Ed Lambert mentor their customers throughout a project, and give continuous support, great products, and exceptional service afterward. The Dental Implant Center of Memphis and its staff will have the confidence and capability to maintain their status as successful healthcare providers in a facility that has a whole new image and a great future.