A Clear Improvement in Imaging — DEXIS Digital Radiography

By Dr. Randy Machen

Clear images, improved work flow, and increased patient comfort are hallmarks of DEXIS digital radiography.

Evolving technology brings with it welcome changes, and in certain situations, dramatic improvements. With imaging being an important part of the patient’s dental visit, I need a system that provides quality X-rays for my diagnosis, a quick and easy workflow for my team, and increased patient comfort. Colleagues who have been using digital X-ray sensor systems for some years now suggested that I switch from my phosphor storage plate (PSP) system to a direct digital solution, and DEXIS was the brand recommended most.

With my PSP system, I noticed a degrading image quality over time and was concerned that I was missing decay and other diagnostic details. My new digital sensor X-rays are much clearer than PSP images, and the DEXIS Imaging software allows me to enhance the radiographs even further without ever altering the originals.

“The X-rays are now automatically captured, encrypted, saved, numbered and mounted,” says Petty.

My assistant, Lascena Petty, affirms the positive effect on workflow and patient comfort. “Because of the necessity of processing the phosphor storage plates, it took about 15 minutes to take a full-mouth series. With digital, since the images are immediate, it now only takes 5 minutes from start to finish. “The X-rays are now automatically captured, encrypted, saved, numbered and mounted,” says Petty. “That way, patients can see the doctor sooner.” She adds, “Those phosphor plates cut our patients’ mouth tissue – it’s fantastic we don’t have that problem any longer with our new digital X-ray system.”

Petty adds that creating presentations with the new imaging software is quick and easy. “With DEXIS, after we enlarge an image, we just click next, and we go on to the next image,” Petty describes. “It is awesome. Our doctors don’t have to enlarge a picture, then leave that screen and enlarge the next. It’s just a click, and we are on to the next one.”

I am very happy that my Dentrix practice management software is completely integrated with DEXIS. I can view a full-size radiograph without leaving the patient chart. All I have to do is click on the image tab at the bottom of my Dentrix Patient Chart, and all images for that patient are displayed. For managing the patient’s clinical images, DEXIS provides a convenient imaging “hub”— including intra- and extra-oral radiographs as well as intra- and extra-oral photos. This makes case presentations and patient education quick and simple.

DEXIS digital imaging is a powerful digital X-ray system that leads to more efficient and effective dentistry. It gives me less time wasted and more time to spend with my patients.