8 Dental Offices Worth the Wait

Dental waiting areaWaiting is just a part of life. We wait in line, wait for the bus, wait in traffic, and wait for the weekend. It’s not always fun - but sometimes, a business will do something special to make your wait just a little easier.

That’s what we’re highlighting today, in our review of dental offices that have gone above and beyond, and created waiting areas that are truly worth the wait. Forget about ancient magazines and elevator music: these dental waiting areas are unique, fun, and make your visit to the dentist much more enjoyable and relaxing. Kudos to these eight practices for really focusing on the patient experience!


Lakeshore Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental waiting areaHumble, TX

Stepping in to Lakeshore Cosmetic Dentistry feels more like entering a classy restaurant than a dental office. As you enter, you’re greeted by elegant decor, natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows, a massive and dramatic water wall and pleasant indoor plants. While you’re waiting, chill out and de-stress in big and comfy leather chairs and couches. Best of all, pass the time by checking out the huge tropical aquarium, filled with exotic fish from around the world.


Dental waiting area

Plaistow Dental

Plaistow, NH

At Plaistow Dental, you’re invited to make yourself at home. The large and comforting fireplace, homey furniture, and traditional décor come to together to create a unique and welcoming parlor experience. With reception and waiting areas that feel more like your living room than a dentist’s office, you’ll feel relaxed and welcome as soon as you arrive.


Just Kids Dental

Dental waiting areaSheboygan, WI

Going to the dentist can be tough for kids, and we all know that most children don’t have a lot of patience for a long wait. However, at Just Kids Dental, your kids will love the waiting area so much, they might not want to leave! Designed with kids in mind, this unique dental office features kid-friendly fun like a school bus, coloring station, in-floor piano and basketball court! And for mom and dad, Just Kids Dental also features a custom coffee bar, ensuring that the whole family will have a pleasant experience.


Dental waiting area

East Kentucky Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Pikeville, KY

Calming, elegant, and professional - these are just a few of the words that could describe the waiting areas at East Kentucky Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. With a traditional aesthetic, clean design, and a focus on comfort, you’ll feel like a valued guest at this upscale oral surgery practice. Enjoy both primary and VIP waiting areas at this modern and luxurious office.


Dental Innovations

Dental waiting areaOmaha, NE

Panoramic views and luxurious leather seating define this elegant and engaging dental practice waiting room. As soon as you step in to Dental Innovations, you’ll be amazed by the wall-to-wall windows showcasing the Omaha landscape. You’ll also find elegant décor, tasteful art, a children’s play area, and ample seating to make your wait comfortable and relaxing.


Dental waiting area

Riverside O.S.

Redding, CA

You’ll never feel cramped or confined at Riverside O.S.! This spacious and open waiting area features huge windows offering beautiful views of natural surroundings. True to the name, Riverside O.S. is located right beside a stunning river, and patients will feel at peace with nature as they wait in this scenic oral surgery practice.


Dental waiting area

Boulder Dental Designs

Boulder, CO

Stunning mountain views await you in this modern and elegant dental practice. Experience Colorado’s natural beauty combined with chic interior design. Featuring hardwood floors, trendy artwork, and a mountain vista that’s truly spectacular, this waiting room is sure to inspire you.


Hutchinson Family Dentistry

Dental waiting areaHutchinson, MN

With a modern design and plenty of open space, the reception and waiting areas at Hutchinson Family Dentistry offer an oasis of calm in a hectic world. Decorated with tasteful art and inviting furniture, the soft lights and soothing palette will will help make your visit restorative for your mind, as well as your smile.