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CAD/CAM Workflow Solutions

CAD/CAM Workflow Solutions

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Elevate Your Practice with Same-Day Dentistry: Intraoral Scanning, Chairside Milling and 3D Printing


Whether you own an intraoral scanner, chairside milling machine or dental 3D printer — or you’re in the market for a full CAD/CAM system upgrade — advancements in CAD/CAM and same-day dentistry are enabling clinicians to deliver outstanding patient care faster and more accurately than ever before. From optimizing practice workflow to saving patients a return visit, CAD/CAM dentistry allows practitioners to create dental restorations with an improved fit and esthetic — which ultimately means fewer, faster and more comfortable visits. Plus, these technologies make it possible to expand into other dental specialties, too, such as implantology and endodontics.


Start paving the way towards better diagnostic capabilities, increased predictability and enhanced restoration longevity by browsing our extensive selection of intraoral scanners, chairside milling units, dental 3D printers and CAD/CAM software today — from leading manufacturers such as Dentsply Sirona, Planmeca, DEXIS, SprintRay, Desktop Health and more.

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Intraoral Scanners Buyer's Guide

In this e-book, Scott MacLean, D.D.S., a practicing dentist and international lecturer, provides a comprehensive look at the digital scanner market, including common intraoral scanning applications, key factors to consider, top brands available today — as well as what sets each one apart — and more.

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Planmeca FIT

Integration Sneak Peek: CBCT, Intraoral Scanning and Milling

Meredith Gantos, D.D.S., a practicing dentist, shares four comprehensive case reviews detailing the impact digital dentistry has had on her practice — such as chairside milling — and why she’ll never look back. Download this e-book today to learn more.

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How I 3D Print: Surgical Guides, Dentures, Provisional Crowns and Aligners

Flip through the pages of this e-book to discover how August de Oliveira, D.D.S., a leading clinician and renowned lecturer, leverages in-office 3D printing technology — plus, how his dental 3D printers have saved him over $8K per month in lab costs.

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  • There are so many advantages to integrating digital CAD/CAM technology and same-day dentistry into your practice. From an efficiency standpoint, it allows clinicians to serve more patients and produce higher quality dentistry. From the patient aspect, there’s a definite ‘wow’ factor to it. They know that everything is being done solely for them. There’s no cookie-cutter solution.

    - Meredith Gantos, D.D.S.
  • Digital Dentistry's Bottom Line

    Digital Dentistry's Bottom Line

    We’ve made technology the centerpiece of our practice, and it’s been phenomenal. Digital technology has improved the quality of our restorations as well as our level of competency, and ultimately, our bottom line.

  • The Basics of CAD/CAM Dental Milling

    The Basics of CAD/CAM Dental Milling

    CAD/CAM technology has helped to transform the manner in which restorative treatment can be provided. In particular, the ability to provide patients with single-visit indirect restorations is appreciated by clinicians and patients. Chairside milling produces restorations that are at least as accurate as traditionally fabricated indirect restorations. Chairside milling also allows clinicians to optimize the process flow, reducing chairside time, increasing efficiency, and saving patients additional visits.

  • How to Choose the Right Intraoral Scanner

    How to Choose the Right Intraoral Scanner

    Be sure to review the different applications, features, and manufacturers of intraoral scanners, as well as your total cost of ownership and ROI, before selecting a digital impressioning scanner for you and your practice. Henry Schein Dental’s Product Category Manager for Digital Restorations, Tyler Steck, narrows down the top 10 considerations to take into account.

  • Moving from Analog to Digital Workflows in Dentistry

    Moving from Analog to Digital Workflows in Dentistry

    Digital technology improves dental practices in three important ways. Learn how 3D printing can improve your quality and cost of digital dentistry.