TRIOS® 5 - Distributed by Henry Schein

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TRIOS 5 is FDA cleared and sets a new standard for patient protection and infection control. It’s hygienic by design. It has a completely closed autoclavable scan tip. A sealed mirror with scratch-free, sapphire glass. And an ultra-thin, snug and near-invisible sleeve that minimizes risk of cross-contamination.

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ScanAssist Engine

We worked hard on making scanning even simpler. At the heart of TRIOS 5 is our ScanAssist engine.


Balanced scanning

TRIOS 5 is our smallest and lightest scanner to date. Even better, this sleek, pen-grip scanner is perfectly balanced and made to fit comfortably in every hand. Including yours. It's the scanner that feels just right.


Hygienic scanning

TRIOS 5 sets a new standard for patient protection and infection control. We like to call it 'hygienic by design'. It’s easy to clean because it hardly has any openings or crevices.


Sleeve for optimal cleanness

The ultra-thin, snug and near-invisible sleeve minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. It's one-time use – you put it on, scan and take it off when you're done scanning.


Scratch-free sapphire glass

The window inside the tip is made of sapphire glass. What makes this material great? It’s scratch-free and heats up super-fast – ensuring your tip is scan-ready in seconds


Sealed mirror

Inside the scanner, you'll find a sealed mirror. Because the mirror is enclosed, no dust or dirt can enter and affect the optics performance of the scanner.


Closed autoclavable tip

We've developed a closed, autoclavable tip. This means that the risk of cross-contamination between patient visits is minimized.

Weight – 10.6 oz incl. battery and scanner tip (300 gm with battery)

Length – 10.5 inches (26.6 cm)

Scanner height x width – 1.52 x 1.47 inches (3.85 x 3.74 cm)