Planmeca SingLED Operatory Light

Planmeca SingLED Operatory Light - Distributed by Henry Schein

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Planmeca SingLED LED Dental Operatory Light

Planmeca’s SingLED operatory light provides shadow-free and consistent illumination throughout the treatment area, with a multi-faceted reflector that uniformly illuminates- these features minimize eyestrain, even during long dental procedures.

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The PLANMECA SingLED has a single LED light that uses a multi-faceted reflector to produce a light pattern that is free of shadows. A motion sensor on the front of the light allows hands-free on/off and intensity adjustment, while the easily removable head handles are fully autoclavable; each of these distinguishable features assures quick and simple asepsis. The advanced LED design also consumes very little power and has a standard life rating of 10 times longer than typical halogen dental lights.

• Compact, streamlined design provides unobtrusive positioning
• Removable, adjustable, and autoclavable handles maximize asepsis
• Saves energy - Green LED technology requires only one-tenth the energy required to operate a typical Quartz-Halogen operating light and does not require a cooling fan
• Uniform, natural color illumination - perfect for matching shades and tissue diagnosis
• Cool, shadowless light and consistent light pattern eliminates eyestrain. Edge of beam illuminates treatment area without outer edge washing
• Single Light Emitting Diode construction consumes very little power (max. 5 Watts) and has a standard life rating 10 times longer than a typical dental halogen bulb
• Patented faceted reflector provides a near perfect light pattern
• Smooth, silent movement that does not drift out of position
• Three axis rotation provides infinite positioning for illuminating the oral cavity
• Exceptionally long reach maximizes light head position for illuminating the lower arch, even from the 12 o’clock position
• Easy to keep clean – Lexan™ shield protects the reflector from aerosol contamination and disinfectant solutions
• Hygienic “Hands-Free” light intensity adjustment