Air Techniques VacStar® 80 NEO

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VacStar's energy saving features will dramatically reduce your water and electric bills while supporting you as an eco-friendly business owner. VacStar NEO can support from 2 up to 7 simultaneous users at a time and is backed by a five-year limited warranty for unlimited hours – the best of its kind in the industry.

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VacStar NEO follows a legacy of consistent and reliable vacuum performance.






      •Oil-free motor and VFD pump deliver high performance and quiet operation
        •Digital vacuum stabilizer eliminates the need for a mechanical relief valve
          •Push button vacuum level setting with LCD displays error codes for easy troubleshooting diagnostics
            •Easy to change solids collector
            •Axial flow impeller and housing design uses up to 85% less water than conventional wet ring dental evacuation systems


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Part Number VS80NEO
Maximum Number of Simultaneous Users 7
Voltage Range 220
Voltage (min/max) 198/242
Full Load Amps 28
Circuit Breaker Min 20A (x2) 40A
Minimum Airflow (SCFM @ 0 in Hg) 40
Water Flow Rate Min. per Pump PR pump (gpm) .13 p/pump
Total Water Flow Rate (gpm) .26
Dimensions 28" x 23" x 18"
Weight 175 lbs