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ProMax® 3D Max Dental Imaging

The Planmeca ProMax 3D Max is the perfect 3D X-ray unit for any diverse practice, whether the imaging needs are high-resolution for endodontics, mid-sized, highly detailed and localized for periodontics, or large volumes for orthodontics.

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    Planmeca iRomexis

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    Planmeca Manual Kit

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The ProMax 3D Max offers a complete 3D imaging solution, with adjustable single-scan volume sizes that range from full maxillofacial and skull imaging (Ø23x26cm) to smaller selectable fields of view (Ø5x5cm for an individual tooth or other clinical interest; Ø10x5.5cm for mandible, maxilla, or other areas of interest; Ø10x9cm for mandible and maxilla or other regions of interest; Ø10x13cm for mandible or maxilla and sinus). The unit also has a short scan time for instant in-office diagnostic results, ensuring quick, efficient capturing of 3D images.
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