Resolve to Evolve

As the economy begins to recover, one way to start the year off right is by adding equipment that will increase future profitability. Upgraded technology is a very visual way to differentiate a practice from the competition. Besides showing the patients that a practice offers the latest treatment options possible, new technology offers advantages to the dentist as well—a more detailed view of the dentition, which can increase confidence and expand treatment options.

Dentists who own digital pans have already witnessed the role that their investment plays in their practice’s financial success. Dr. Roscoe Scott, who runs a private practice in Overland Park, Kansas and implemented a digital pan (Gendex Orthoralix®, 8500DDE) in 2007 comments,

“I would urge my fellow general dentists to consider adding digital panoramics to their practices. It is a way to increase valuable patient services and, secondarily, profits.”

Digital-imaging products, from intraoral sensors to pans and 3D Cone Beam, enhance the patient experience. A digitalimaging system is an educational experience for the patient. Due to the size and clarity of the images in the computer screen, patients can more readily comprehend their conditions, and better evaluate the dentist’s recommendations. Digital X-rays and scans build communication and trust between the patient and the doctor, resulting in increased case acceptance.

Digital imaging–clinically and financially enhancing the practice

Even better, satisfied patients discuss their positive experiences with family and friends, resulting in referrals. Dr. Richard Schmidt, of Skokie, Illinois, whose general practice welcomes patients ranging from children to seniors, notes, “Patient reaction to our digital images [Visualix eHD] is amazing. With traditional film X-rays, patients often did not understand or see their problem. However, when I optimize a digital image, the evidence of their infection, periodontal issues, or decay is as clear as day. Armed with this knowledge, they are more accepting of treatment.”

Besides happy patients, digital equipment from Gendex increases profitability for the practice. Dr. Terry Myers, who has incorporated both 2-D intraoral and 3-D radiographic imaging (Gendex GXCB-500™) into his practice notes that investments in innovative technology are imperative to dentists who want to remain profitable. Dr. Myers notes, “Technology has changed my business. In the recent tough financial times, it is important to keep investing in your practice. The addition of digital technology will allow dentists to better serve their existing patients, attract more patients, and be equipped to make better diagnoses for all.”

An investment in digital imaging benefits the dentist and the patient. Although it may mean dipping into the budget now, acquiring a Gendex imaging product will continue to clinically and financially enhance the dental practice for many years ahead. Don’t let the competition offer more complete dental care. In the New Year, resolve to evolve.