You Bought It...Now Promote It!

Doctor and hygienist using new technology

You have made the wise decision to invest in technology for the enhanced care of your patients. That is very telling about what kind of dentist you are — one who wants to raise the standard level of care. But do your patients know this and how it benefits them? Telling patients about a new piece of technology one time may not resonate with them. Each time you add technology to your practice, deploy this seven-step process…

1. Internal verbal skills.

Make your team aware of the technology you’ve acquired and the benefits patients will receive. Encourage them to mention it in conversation. For example, if the patient asks how you are doing, reply by saying, “Great. We are so excited that Dr. Jameson purchased this new CAD/CAM technology so you can receive a new crown today without coming back for another visit.”

2. Update your website.

The home page should mention new equipment with a link to learn more. Include patient-friendly photos and a testimonial, if possible, from a patient who has benefited from the technology.

3. Email.

Send an email to patients about the benefits of the new technology, and include a link to your website to read more. Invite your patient to call the office for more information or to schedule an appointment.

4. Social media.

Announce the new equipment, even before it arrives, on social media sites. Once you have it, show it off with pictures and create a short video that explains the patient benefits. Keep posts short and simple — about 140 characters. Talk about one benefit per post and boost them to obtain maximum reach. Link to a page on your website that discusses it further.

5. Signage.

Place signage around the office announcing the technology, and market a “limited-time-only” special promoting the new technique or equipment. For example, if you purchased PlanScan, post signs introducing the new equipment and offer an incentive for moving forward with treatment, such as a complimentary power toothbrush.

6. External Ads.

Many practices highlight new technology in external marketing, such as print ads, direct mail or online marketing like pay-per-click ads. Focus on the benefits to the patient instead of the technology’s features. Being able to offer more services at a greater comfort level with more accuracy is always a great differentiator.

7. Retention.

Use this as a reason to reach out to your patients who are overdue for their appointments. Let them know how the new technology elevates the care they can receive and then schedule an appointment with their hygienist.

Investing in technology is a great step for any practice to take. Your team will be energized. Your patients will benefit. You will save time. And by marketing the technology, you can also see an increase in new patients, more treatment acceptance, and higher retention. For help marketing your new technology, schedule a complimentary consultation with Jameson. Call
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Originally published in Sidekick Magazine

About the Author: Misty Absher Clark is Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer for Jameson, an international dental management, marketing, and hygiene coaching firm. Incorporating her expertise in branding, marketing strategy, social media and customer service, Misty brings energy and innovative marketing know-how to dental practices nationwide.