How Much Is That Next Call Worth? Phone Systems That Integrate With Dentrix G5 Will Tell You

By Jason Werner, Henry Schein TechCentral

In a technology-driven world, patients demand more immediate, helpful support when they call your office. The latest integration solution from Henry Schein TechCentral combines an innovative phone system with the power of Dentrix® G5 to help maximize revenue every time the phone rings.

When phone systems and practice management are not integrated, your front desk may be missing business opportunities. For example, when Mrs. Smith calls, does your receptionist have to put her on hold to look up the record, deal with other visitors or answer other calls before picking up again? In the meantime, how many unanswered calls are costing you new patients?

Mrs. Smith doesn’t want to hold. She would rather a receptionist answer her call by saying, “Hi, Mrs. Smith. Are you calling to confirm your appointment tomorrow? Great, we’ll see you then. And by the way, it looks like your son is overdue for a cleaning. Shall I schedule that for you now?”

That is why Henry Schein TechCentral offers Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite Dental™ to automatically display key patient information from Dentrix G5 on the receptionist’s computer whenever a patient calls. Without typing a key stroke, your receptionist is presented with each caller’s:

  • Continuing care information
  • Upcoming appointments for all family members
  • Current account balance and last payments
  • Latest prescription information

Integration with Dentrix G5 displays the caller’s patient information without the receptionist typing a key stroke.

Having this information available immediately allows staff to easily follow best business practices to identify new patients, schedule treatments for the entire family, ensure all prescriptions are up-to-date and follow up on billing.

OfficeSuite Dental also gives staff one-click access into Dentrix G5 Appointment Book and Treatment Planner. This greatly increases staff productivity and gives patients faster service. The phone system in most practices can’t help maximize the revenue potential of every incoming phone call. But, unlike other systems, OfficeSuite Dental was designed with dentists’ business challenges in mind.

Instead of having to purchase complicated equipment and maintenance contracts, you pay a predictable monthly fee, and all you need is an Internet connection. Everything is included in your monthly fee–an unlimited nationwide calling plan, your phones, and all the ongoing support and training you need.

Broadview OfficeSuite Dental is the first phone system to be awarded Dentrix G5 Connected certification by Henry Schein.

Another benefit of a Broadview system from TechCentral is it never becomes obsolete. Your monthly fee includes updates with new features and functionality, and you will never be forced into expensive software upgrades as all system updates are included.

Making sure your staff gives your patients the level of service they deserve is a time-consuming job. When you’re busy treating patients, how do you know what staff members are saying to callers? The OfficeSuite system lets you record calls and grade employees based on evaluations that you create. It even lets you listen to calls as they’re taking place. This powerful coaching tool gives insight you never had before and enables you or your practice manager to help staff improve customer service skills.

Business continuity is forefront in everyone’s mind, and for good reason. You know all too well how much revenue is lost when your office must close due to circumstances beyond your control, such as natural disasters, inclement weather, illness and emergency situations.

Instead of having to purchase complicated equipment and maintenance contracts, you pay a predictable monthly fee, and all you need is an Internet connection.

With an integrated, Broadview cloud-based phone system, you can continue to do business, even when disaster strikes. Your staff can make and take patient calls from virtually any device, including home phones and mobile phones. Even laptops or home PCs can be turned into fully functional phones and act like an office phone on your network with just the addition of a simple headset and microphone.

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