Experience the Future of Dentistry in Just Two Days


By: Kirstie Savinski, Marketing Manager – Dental Events, Henry Schein Dental

Curious about what the CEREC® system can do for your patients and your practice? Learn first-hand, at any one of several Exceed with CEREC events hosted at various locations across the country throughout 2019, sponsored by Dentsply Sirona and Henry Schein Dental.

During the interactive two-day session, you will take a deep dive into the world of CAD/CAM dentistry and learn about digital imaging and fabrication of single-visit restorations. It’s all about how to provide better, safer, and more convenient patient care, and boosting your skill set using CEREC  technology.

What is CEREC, anyway?

In the world of CAD/CAM dentistry, CEREC truly stands out as a leader. The CEREC process uses state-of-the-art technology to allow dental professionals to design virtual restorations without taking impressions.

When combined with a milling unit, the CEREC process allows dentists to create patient restorations in just a single visit. The result? Superior restorations – including crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, fixed bridges, dental implant restorations, dentures and orthodontic appliances – with greater efficiency, lower costs, and a pain-free patient experience, a win-win scenario for both you and your patients!

Learn from CEREC Leaders

Exceed with CEREC courses are led by doctors who have taken the dive into digital dentistry and are still reaping the benefits, more and more each day, including Dr. Daniel Butterman, an internationally recognized dental professional who specializes in implant and CAD/CAM dentistry. In addition to maintaining his dental practice, Dr. Butterman is also an Advanced CEREC Trainer who has educated dentists worldwide. To learn about CEREC mentors, visit exceedwithcerec.com/#mentors.

Having the ability to make several restorations helped me gain confidence in my ability to use CEREC technology. Anyone considering a CEREC should attend the event. It was very educational, and now I scan with confidence.

Jenna Pulkka, DMD | Lisbon Family Dental Care


Work with actual CEREC equipment to experience the benefits of the system firsthand, all under the guidance of several knowledgeable and highly skilled experts in the field of CAD/CAM dentistry. In addition, you will be able to network with other industry professionals, as well as meet one-on-one with colleagues who are also looking to add and integrate the CEREC system within their own practices.

Interested in trying out the new Primescan? We will have the scanners at all upcoming events in 2019!

Dr. Daniel Butterman

Exceed with CEREC is truly a hands-on learning event. The discussions and activities will keep you interested and engaged from start to finish. You’ll gain firsthand experience in all aspects of the CEREC  process, from scanning and design, through milling and material selection, and finally, polishing, staining, and glazing. By the end of the session, attendees will understand material selection and prep design and be able fabricate a single restoration during a 90-minute appointment.

Register for your Exceed with CEREC Session Today

Attendees pay just $199 – Henry Schein covers the costs of airfare, hotel accommodations, and a networking dinner the first night of the event. With the knowledge, experience, and resources gained in just two short days, the course pays for itself.

The future of dentistry is here — request to attend an event!