Evolve Your Practice’s Communications

Improve Flexibility, Efficiency and Mobility Without Breaking the Bank

A cloud-based phone solution eliminates expensive, on-site phone equipment and makes it easy to connect multiple offices.

Modernizing your dental practice can be daunting, especially when it comes to communication systems. Upgrading from an old phone system to a new one that offers all the advanced features you need can seem like it is only a possibility if you are willing to spend a small fortune.

Outdated physical phone systems make it nearly impossible to ensure that everything is functioning properly and, even more challenging, to diagnose and resolve problems. In addition, they are expensive and time consuming to maintain.

Thankfully, there is now an affordable solution for dental practices nationwide—one that provides a flexible, mobile-optimized system for managing communications. Henry Schein TechCentral’s introduction of a “cloud-based” phone solution provides practices of all sizes with a cost-efficient alternative to expensive, on-site phone systems. A cloud-based phone system delivers the benefits of large-scale business communications on a small business budget.

For this new offering, TechCentral partnered with Broadview Networks, an Internet telephony leader with over 80,000 business phones running in its cloud network. This cloud-based approach features the Broadview OfficeSuite system, a complete telecommunications solution that allows practices to ditch their expensive PBX equipment, upgrade to easy-to-use, state-of-the-art phones, and receive an unlimited calling plan—all on a professionally managed network at an affordable price. No capital investment required!

So, why should your phone communications evolve to the cloud?

Reduce and Control Costs

With OfficeSuite, you get a cloud-based phone system that runs on your existing network for a predictable monthly fee, with no capital investment or maintenance contracts. Additionally, there are no add, change, or move fees normally charged by phone service providers.

OfficeSuite is an all-inclusive solution—providing an enterprise-grade phone system, high-quality IP phones, more than 40 features and applications, an unlimited nationwide calling plan, and an intuitive website to manage it all—enabling practices to simplify communications while saving thousands of dollars.

Easy Self-Management

The OfficeSuite system is so easy to use that there is no need to employ additional IT staff. The practice manager can make changes to the system with just a few clicks through a simple and convenient website. Each employee can also log into the easy-to-use website and customize his or her own phone features, including speed-dial lists, call forwarding and voicemail retrieval.

Business Continuity

Disaster avoidance is a vital issue that all dental practices must take into consideration. If an office is short staffed one day or forced to close due to the weather, the practice manager can log in from anywhere there is Internet service and send all incoming calls to an answering service or re-direct them to a different location, such as another office, a mobile phone or even a home phone. In case of natural disasters, snow storms, power outages or simply a receptionist calling in sick, every practice needs the ability to reroute calls quickly and easily to avoid losing business and to better serve its patients.

Increased Efficiency

Because of the ease-of-use and simple programming that OfficeSuite offers, employees have more time to focus on patient care, which improves productivity as well as the efficiency of the entire practice. For example, practice managers can easily set up features that streamline operations, such as automated business hours that automatically switch the phone system over to an answering service when the practice is closed.

Improving the efficiency with which patients are serviced leads to happier customers, which will inevitably lead to higher profit margins for the practice.

Instant Mobility and Flexibility

Improving the efficiency with which patients are serviced leads to happier customers, which will inevitably lead to higher profit margins for the practice. With OfficeSuite, incoming calls can ring simultaneously on your office phone and on any mobile phone, ensuring that you never miss a call and giving you the freedom to do business no matter where you are. Dentists and other employees can make calls from home—or from anywhere there is Internet service—while showing their office caller ID instead of their private home numbers.

Staff and practitioners can also move to any phone on your network, and their phone extensions and customized phone settings move with them—even when they visit another office.

Easy Scalability

As practices grow, they must hire additional employees and open new office locations. Traditional on-site systems can only provide practices with a certain number of phones, and upon reaching the maximum, the practice is forced to pay thousands to upgrade to a new system. Practices are moving to cloud-based systems because they provide scalability to grow with expanding businesses. With OfficeSuite, there is no limit to the number of phones or locations that can be added.

Visibility and Control for Practices with Multiple Offices

For practices with multiple offices, communicating is simple with OfficeSuite since it provides one integrated phone system. For example, if a practice’s headquarters are in the city and a caller needs to speak with an employee in the suburban office, they simply dial the extension number just as they would when calling someone in the same office. Calls are transferred just as easily and without extra cost.

OfficeSuite also allows the practice manager or IT director to monitor and control the entire system from one intuitive website. Upon log-in, administrators can view and manage every phone on the network—even those at different offices. With a system that provides this level of visibility and control, resolving issues in a timely manner is simple.

To learn more about the OfficeSuite cloud-based phone system, please contact your Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant, visit www.HenryScheinTechCentral.com or call 877.483.0382.