Buzz Nabers Dental Studio 304 Knoxville, Tennessee

Dental Studio 304 – Knoxville, TN

Dr. Buzz Nabers

Buzz Nabers Dental Studio 304 stands out as a sophisticated blend of old and new. Like many downtowns in cities across the U.S., this area of Knoxville has enjoyed a recent resurgence over the past several years, as businesses and residents have reconnected with an urban lifestyle.

When Dr. Buzz Nabers and his wife, Trish, began scouting for a new dental practice location, they were immediately attracted to the 304 building on Gay Street. It stood alongside other renovated historic buildings that housed condos, boutiques, and even a movie theatre and offered them a unique opportunity to be an active part of the area’s rebirth.

“We fell in love with the building,” said Dr. Nabers. “I always wanted to enrich the growth of downtown Knoxville, and this was the perfect way to do so.”

While in this dental office, patients are pampered with warm paraffin wax hand dips, scented neck pillows, and soothing massage chairs.

The top two floors of the building were already residential, so he and Trish could move in immediately, directly above the new dental office, which would be built out from the street level space below. This full-service satellite practice would complement Dr. Nabers’s main office in West Knoxville and expand his dental care to thousands of people who worked in the downtown area. It would also give him the opportunity to live where he worked, be a part of the vibrant downtown community, and be closer to the University of Tennessee, of which he and Trish are huge supporters.

“We fell in love with the building,” said Dr. Nabers. “I always wanted to enrich the growth of downtown Knoxville, and this was the perfect way to do so.”

The spa-like experience at Dr. Buzz Nabers’ new satellite office in downtown Knoxville is drawing new patients who work within walking distance.

Tackling a Challenging Dental Office Floor Plan

Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist Brad Dockins had worked with Dr. Nabers on a previous building plan that hadn’t come to fruition, and that relationship led to this new dental office. Dockins enlisted the expertise and creativity of Henry Schein’s National Design Group.
The challenge? To turn the narrow and relatively modest 1,370- square-foot commercial space into a workable, efficient dental office complete with five operatories, an efficient sterilization area, and modern technology, all while maintaining the historic elements of the building.

“Originally, when I walked into the building, I couldn’t imagine how we were going to fit everything we wanted to into the space,” admits Dockins. “We made several revisions and eventually came up with a functional dental office floor plan that overcame the quirks present in an old building.”

Spa-Like Dental Visit

The office has been open since April 2012, and Dr. Nabers sees patients there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s quickly growing: he is treating 50 new patients each month at that location. The practice has created quite a stir in the neighborhood, and its spa-like experience has been the talk of local news articles and television coverage. Paraffin wax hand dips, scented and heated neck pillows, and ultraleather massaging Pelton & Crane operatory chairs wrap patients in luxury and put them at ease, making their visit much more pleasant.

Left to right: Matt Sabel, Regional Manager; Don McMillan, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Buzz Nabers; Brad Dockins, Equipment Sales Specialist; Mike Ogle, Equipment Service Technician; Brian Scott, Equipment Service Technician

The exposed brick walls provide visual interest and texture, and contrast with the modern equipment and technology. Equipped with Pelton

Small Footprint Has Big Visual Impact

This same attention to detail extends to the layout and decor of the practice itself. Even though it has a small footprint, its visual impact is extraordinary. The exterior, which was renovated several years ago, has a contemporary, artsy feel admired by many Knoxville residents. The interior retains the best of the historic features and combines them with modern touches to create a sophisticated, yet welcoming office.

Exposed brick walls. Custom lighting. Stained concrete. Earthy hues. Transparent resin panels that allow light in and add texture and definition to the space. Every element of the interior design works together, creating a calm serenity.

The doctor was so pleased with the performance of the Gendex digital pan in his main office, he now has one at his new location as well. Equipped with Gendex GXDP-300 Panoramic X-ray System.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

“I accompanied the doctor and his wife on a VIP Tour at the Pelton & Crane factory in Charlotte, N. C. There, [they] were able to demo the equipment, view the innovative configurations and distinctive styling they offer, and talk with the Pelton & Crane representative,“ said Dockins. The [company’s] top-of-the-line operatory equipment met their high expectations.

When it came to technology, Dr. Nabers already knew exactly what he wanted because he already had it…in his West Knoxville main office! With financing from Henry Schein Financial Services, he purchased DEXIS’s DEXcam™ 3 Intraoral Camera and Platinum Sensor, Gendex’s GXDP-300™ Digital Pan and expert® DC Intraoral X-ray System, and KaVo’s TLC electric handpieces and QUATTROcare Plus Maintenance System.

“It’s nice to have two locations to offer to our patients,” said Dr. Nabers. “Word of mouth about ‘the new dentist’ who is within walking distance to downtown Knoxville has maximized our new patient volume.”

The beautiful galley-style sterilization center was designed with a separate entry and exit. Equipped with Pelton