Avoid Urban Decay

There is artistic license at work in this place—it is truly unconventional and gives a bit of insight into the Doctor’s personality. How many dental reception areas greet the patient with gallery-like installations that include a parking meter, a manhole cover, and a traffic cone? Pay attention—and you’ll find many more avant-garde touches throughout the office, guaranteed to bring on raised eyebrows and a chuckle. Can a visit to the dentist be fun? The answer is definitely “yes” at this office!

Left to right: Lee Baker, Equipment Sales Specialist; Chuck Roosa, Equipment Service Technician; Dr. Martina Parrone; Christy Leonard, Field Sales Consultant; Matt Grogan, Regional General Manager

Avoid Urban Decay is Dr. Parrone’s first office. After working in an environment in which she felt professionally compromised, timing urged the change that she needed to pursue her practice goals. She set out to find a new space and define the practice of dentistry in her own terms.

The office spans 1,258-sq. ft. and contains 2 completed operatories, plus 2 more that are in process. Dr. Parrone reflects upon the transition, “Sharing space was like having a ‘bad roommate’ situation. I wanted a cool, funky space to practice in a growing neighborhood. I found the perfect space for the right price—and the freedom to create a unique environment that allows me to provide my patients with quality care.”

The office uses the DENTRIX® practice-management system. Dr. Parrone wanted a paperless office and the capacity to integrate technology for a wrinkle-free approach to keeping her business on track. “I advise inputting the practice information into the system before the office opens,” she adds. This practical approach gives the office a jumpstart on smoothing out any bugs that might arise before the official opening of the facility.

Sullivan-Schein Equipment Sales Specialist, Lee Baker, worked with the Doctor to the project’s completion. Lee notes, “The quality, functionality, and reliability of the design and equipment will accelerate the office’s production and help to ensure no downtime for the business.”

Dr. Parrone has dubbed Field Sales Consultant, Christy Leonard, a “Mary Poppins.” “Christy was amazing in every way—well organized, friendly, incredible follow-up. She was a dependable, and a very willing resource throughout the entire project,” comments Dr. Parrone.

“Sullivan-Schein helped me with financing, finding a contractor and designer, equipment selection—and provided great moral support. Expert advice and hands-on input from Dentrix specialist, Chuck Sargent and Christy Leonard help the project stay on target,” remarks Dr. Parrone. “Patients love the office, my staff is proud of this new work space—and I really enjoy coming to work!”