Unlocking Your Practice to Achieve Your Dreams

By Eric Nuss with contributions from John Meis, DDS, FAGD, DCOI; Kerry Straine; Jason Siruchek; and Wendy Briggs, RDH

The goal of our dental consulting team at Henry Schein is to help you unlock the potential to achieve your dreams.

What do you love about your practice? What don’t you love about it? Are there unanswered questions that challenge you as you lead your business? What keeps you up at night? Do you see your practice in the same way you envisioned it when you graduated from dental school? Who is your ideal patient? And why should they come to your practice? Why should they go to the dentist at all?

Many doctors are exploring the answers to these questions with the help of their Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant. These answers have led to decisions that maximize the success of the practices they work in. Further, by discovering ways to run a more efficient and productive office, many doctors have secured long term goals for their careers, their families, and their employees.

Partnerships that Maximize Success

Henry Schein has evolved over the last several decades to define the “Full Service Dental Dealership.” This isn’t your father’s dental supply company! In recent months, the company has developed a strengthened strategic initiative with four key partners that are all dental-consultation companies. Together, they work with Henry Schein to take a unique approach to the relationship between the dental product supplier and the dental professional. In a nutshell, Henry Schein doesn’t just provide the supplies, technology, and equipment a practice needs; they also share data and expertise so doctors are making choices and investments into their practice that are perfectly aligned with their practice and personal objectives.

The goal of the team at Henry Schein is to help you unlock the production potential to achieve your dreams. Through bringing in the expertise and experience of the partners in the newly formed dental Consulting Group, the focus stays consistent to the vision you and your dental team have for your practice.

You can always rely on Henry Schein to supply the dental professional with the best products and services in the business. That said, by helping you run a more profitable, efficient, and productive practice, your Henry Schein Sales Consultant can help you achieve greater success and care for your patients in an even more exceptional way. Through key initiatives in new programs like Total Health and Wellness and Sleep Complete, Henry Schein is helping dentists to provide valuable and relevant care, ensuring patients receive amazing experiences they never dreamed would happen in a dental office.

In the near term, more resources will be developed and deployed as Henry Schein grows in this segment of dentistry. Staying at the cutting edge of total health, business solutions, and patient advocacy is critically important. Henry Schein has launched this initiative to better serve you. We believe that by helping you to achieve your personal and professional goals, your partnership with the Henry Schein team will be even stronger.

In the following vignettes, you will learn more about our dental Consulting Group. Henry Schein has strategically aligned with the following consulting companies to help you successfully achieve all of your practice goals!

The Story of Straine Consulting

By Kerry Straine from Straine Consulting

Drs. Straine

The mission of Straine is to advance the understanding, practice, and development of leadership for the benefit of all professionals in the dental industry and, with that goal in mind, it has been the leader in establishing educational modules for the entire dental industry for more than twenty years. It has led the way in developing objective and accurate assessments of the unrecognized opportunities as well as the limitations that exist in every dental practice and in developing best practices methodologies and standardized benchmarks for measuring production and profitability.

For the past 11 years, Straine has delivered quantifiable results to its alliance partners and dental practice owners through its partnership with Henry Schein. More than 4,000 complimentary consultations have given practices the facts on which to base ongoing business decisions.

Straine adheres to the highest ethical standards, having created industry-wide models that analyze the precise relationship between provider, procedure, patient, and treatment room. It is recognized for developing more than a dozen comprehensive operating policies customized for every dentist’s unique goals. The Straine Management System™ is the leading platform for monitoring goal attainment and guiding a dental practice to success.

The Straine consulting team is the most sophisticated in the nation. Rigorous training, ongoing oral and written exams, and a five-year mentor program for senior consultants mean that practices receive superior expertise. Straine offers a multiyear “business of dentistry” curriculum unmatched in the industry. Straine clients are assigned an integrated team of consultants that provide daily reporting and telephone contact, weekly graphic analysis of goal-oriented information, monthly comprehensive graphic analysis, periodic office visits, and training workshops for the entire staff. As performance management experts, Straine knows that the key element for successful goal attainment is coaching on specific, pinpointed behaviors and monitoring implementation of new policies and procedures.

Straine offers the only cost-conscious, service-rich, month-to-month agreement in the nation, but many clients have found so much value in its services, they are still clients three, five, even fifteen years later.

To learn more, please visit www.straine.com


The Growing Gap: Why Courageous Dentists Right Now Are Exploding and Those Frozen in Fear Are Stalled

By Gary Kadi from NextLevel Practice

Image of lecture

We are in a defining moment in the dental industry. The problem with defining times is that we often only realize that’s what they are when they are long gone, too late to derive the biggest benefit.

There is a huge departure of those practices that are deploying the “Complete Health Dental Business” model from those still utilizing the circa 1950 “Find-the-Chief-Complaint-and-Fix-It-Doctor-Driven-Game-That-Only-Allows-for-Symptomatic-Dentistry-to-be-Discovered-and-Solved” model. This outdated model manifests the reoccurring problems of low patient retention and poor case acceptance.

Entrepreneurial doctors understand that most practices are completely undervalued right now because they are evaluated primarily by a percentage of collections and the equity in equipment, and most practices are down about 20% in production.

With the cost of money at an all-time low, it makes sense to make purchases now before interest rates rise again, spurring inflation, a common occurrence after a recession. With practice values low, there has never been a better time to buy practices and put in the scalable Complete Health Model. There are many pockets of these types of practices growing in areas around the US.

Most Complete Health practitioners who are booked for months are not interested in acquiring new practices. Instead, they are increasing hygiene days and adding associates. These practices are buying low-priced land and building out their ideal practice, complete with technology, because they need efficiency and they have the cash flow to do it. Sitting on the fence right now is a larger risk than taking action.

Using a Complete Health Dental Practice Model, doctors and their teams are reenergized by becoming involved in their patients’ total health, and they embrace Gary Kadi’s “radical common sense” solutions. In the Triple-Win Model of Complete Health Dentistry, the doctors, team, and patients all win. It drives team members to fully educate their patients so they understand a trip to the dentist can save their lives. They educate patients so that they are not pushing, persuading, or selling; but are instead providers of health and wellness.

NextLevel Practice’s approach is to eliminate complexity and simplify the solution to create sustainability. Instead of providing thousands of tools, ideas, and systems and only reinforcing them a couple of times, they take the primary principles, structure, and strategies and reinforce them multiple ways, many times.

NextLevel Practice’s uniquely positioned pricing structure is called “Owe as you Grow” and allows the practice to hold their cash reserves until results are generated from the consulting services. With a small down payment on the program to get the process started, your practice will have all the content needed to take action immediately. In addition, NextLevel Practice hosts several weekend immersion programs. These programs will help you create your ultimate game plan and get your team fired up to be on board with you as elite providers of Total Health and Wellness! This is the pivotal step to achieving all of your goals and bringing your team together.

To learn more, please visit www.CompleteHealthDentistry.com

Wendy Briggs, RDH Wendy Briggs, RDH

What Does It Take to Build a Team?

The Team Training Institute
By Wendy Briggs, RDH and John Meis, DDS, FAGD, DCOI from Team Training Institute

What if you had the opportunity to collaborate with a successful practicing dentist who could help you realize higher success in your practice? What if your hygiene team could seek advice to improve service to patients while realizing increased productivity? Would this be valuable to you?

The Team Training Institute is making that possible for dental practices across the country. Their team is comprised of successful practicing dental professionals, who are living what they teach. This is a somewhat unique approach to dental consulting, and it is proving to be incredibly effective!

John Meis, DDS, FAGD, DCOI, knows how to overcome the challenges that exist in today’s ever-changing world of dentistry and adapt from sometimes-outdated models. Dr. Meis’ guidance has helped countless dentists learn how to immediately become more productive.

Wendy Briggs, RDH, of Hygiene Diamonds provides proven systems and skills that help hygienists realize greater effectiveness and profitability without sacrificing the quality of care to the patient. A long-time leader in the hygiene profession, her approach is all about helping hygienists implement a world-class environment. Their administrative team is an exceptionally talented group of dental professionals who excel in what they do and are teaching others to do the same.

The Team Training Institute focuses primarily on five key areas essential for practice success.

  • Improving Doctor Productivity
  • Improving Hygiene Productivity
  • Increasing New-Patient Effectiveness
  • Having an End Game in Mind
  • Leadership and Teamwork

With intense focus on each of these key topics, they create a customized framework for any dental practice. The program has been proven to work in Main Street, Any Town, USA, with any size practice–from practices with a single doctor to offices with as many as 80 locations. The Team Training Institute recognizes that great ideas initiate change within dentistry, but it’s the systems for implementation that lead to permanent change and success.

Team Training Institute services include in-office coaching, live events, and online training courses. There are also opportunities to join Mastermind Groups at various locations across the country.

To learn more, please visit www.theteamtraininginstitute.com