CEREC Omnicam AC + MC XL - Showroom Model

CEREC Omnicam AC + MC XL - Showroom Model - Distributed by Henry Schein

MSRP: $127,795.00

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CEREC with Omnicam is the complete single-visit, chairside solution. This system has the ability to accomplish any clinical situation you may encounter with speed and efficiency and comes in three flexible configurations: AC, AF and AI.

*Sale price reflects AC configuration of showroom models. Limited quantities available at this price.

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*CEREC AC - With the CEREC AC with CEREC Omnicam, all components (camera system, PC and screen) are integrated in a central imaging unit. Scanning and designing is done centrally with the CEREC AC. Thanks to our integrated uninterruptible power supply, the unit can be easily moved to another treatment room and is an optimal solution for most dental practices. CEREC AC has been continually developed over the past three decades and clinically tested by more than 38,000 users

CEREC MC XL - When it comes to lab-side restorations such as bridge frameworks, customized implant abutments, surgical guides, telescopes, bars and attachments—MC XL can truly do it all. For the dentist who appreciates complete control, CEREC MC XL Practice Lab is the ideal addition to your practice. Accommodates block sizes up to 85mm.

  • The Hidden Cost of Your Time

    The Hidden Cost of Your Time

    Same-day dentistry offers a quicker, more comfortable, more convenient option for patients, but even more significant might be the time it frees up for doctors. What is your time worth? Quite a bit — it’s the greatest asset in your practice. When doctors can reduce chair time or fit in more patients, it has a positive impact on the bottom line. Read how time savings needs to be part of the ROI calculation any doctor makes when considering a CAD/CAM purchase.