Planmeca PlanMill 30 S

Planmeca PlanMill 30 S - Distributed by Henry Schein

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“Precision without Compromise”

Cost-effective open architecture milling unit; ideal for milling inlays, onlays, crowns, or 3-unit bridges.

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The New Planmeca PlanMill® 30 S is designed for optimal precision without compromising quality, expectations or budget. Planmeca PlanMill 30 S is a fusion of high-performance technology and durable milling components capable of milling a broad range of materials.

A 4-axis high-speed spindle with milling speeds of 80,000 RPMs is ideal for single visit restorations and milling of inlays, onlays, crowns or bridges. Direct drive linear force motors provide uncompromising accuracy. A built-in intuitive user interface with SMART software streamlines the user experience with updates on System Maintenance, Alerts, Reports and Tool status to notify you when the mill needs attention. A new scalable design allows clinicians to achieve maximum productivity while transitioning into digital technology. Designed on an Open Platform for universal connectivity for seamless integration with most dental equipment.


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Weight: 155 lbs
Dimensions when closed (WxHxD): 26" x 17.5" x 20"
Minimum required clearances: Sides - 2"; Rear - 1"; Top - 12"
Storage temperature: -4 degrees - 140 degrees fahrenheit (-20 degrees - 60 degrees celsius); 5% - 95% RH "non-condensing"
Operating conditions: 41 degrees - 104 degrees fahrenheit (5 degrees - 40 degrees celsius); maximum 80% relative humidity for temperature up to 88 degrees fahrenheit (31 degrees celsius); maximum altitude 6,652 feet (2,000 meters)
Air supply requirements: Constant 3.5 bar - 9.0 bar (50 psi - 130 psi); minimum 1 cfm
Cooling lubricant tank: 3.4 liters
Tool changer: Fixed - 5 tool
Spindle: 100,000 RPM (maximum)
Data connection: Cat5 Ethernet cabling